A Long Walk

I got up earlier than I would for work this morning in order to get Miss Butterfly together for her day of honor choir. Then, I walked her and her stuff up to school so she could leave ridiculously early. I figured since I was already up and had coffee, I might as well take a walk. It was dark when I left the school, and I got to enjoy the red morning sky as the sun rose over our city. It was very pleasant.

Upon my return, I figured I might as well continue my momentum by winding another skein of yarn and then taking photographs of the Rivenhall scarf that I love so much.


It is SUCH a fantastic finished object. And I adore the colors. It seems to even fit right in with the winter colors on the wall out front where I snagged the photograph. As well as having matched the morning sunrise.


This really was a fantastic spin and knit. I am very proud of this one and it’ll certainly go in my pile of stuff for me.

I’ve done so much already with my morning and it’s only 9! I told Mr. Ink that I need a nap. But, I think I’ll cast on that new project instead.

Happy knitting and spinning this weekend my friends!