Luxury Or?

When we have an outing to go to, I keep asking Mr. Ink if we are going in Luxury or Prudency. Now the cars have names.

We took Luxury out to where Miss Butterfly was performing her choir concert. After all, as Mr. Ink has stated, Luxury knows how to do cold well, and it had also begun to snow. So, we headed out of town for the concert yesterday afternoon. I was unable to get a photo of the group, but there were 140 middle school students from schools within a 2 hour radius of the concert. They did a WONDERFUL job. It’s so amazing what happens when you pick top talent from area schools and get them together. They practiced for about 8 hours, and then performed amazing music. I did get an after the concert photo from the choir room.


She really did have a great time, loved the music, and after singing for 8 hours, and then performing, you’d think she’d be sick of it. I put her to bed and could hear her singing herself to sleep, as usual.

Today she’s been wandering around in her pink bunny onesie and making blanket forts. So, I’d say she’s craving some down time.

Yesterday, for ME, consisted of very little after my blog post. I’d told Mr. Ink that I was feeling so lazy and uninspired to get anything done. He, having heard about my rather difficult week not just with grants but with my staff as well, said “Well, I think you need that lazy day. I think you should just do nothing today. In fact, I ORDER it.” And indeed he did just kind of cater to me all day. Making me lunch, taking care of things around the house, giving me a back massage. I was quite spoiled. And, with taking Miss Butterfly out to dinner after the concert, he didn’t have to worry about cooking either. So we both had a mostly lazy day. Which means TODAY is about laundry and dishes and straightening up. But it was worth it!

I cast on a new project with my lazy day. The pattern is called Lighter than Perfume and it’s a nice lace stole. I admit it’s slow going, but I am enjoying the process. It’s got nupps which I haven’t done in awhile. But this time it only took me one row to get the hang of working them loosely enough to be easy. Hard to grab a photo of the entire thing, so here’s a close up of the motif.


Yeah ok, that’s hard to see too. But I think it’ll be gorgeous once it’s done. I am using handspun on it, of course. It’s this one:


I am also quite a bit further on the duotone cowl, now I’ve switched the main color for the remainder of the cowl. I haven’t worked on this at all since I cast on the lace piece, but it’s grown a bunch since I last grabbed a photo.


I did also get to knit on the way out of town and on the way back. That was simply Mr. Ink’s sock since it’s so easy to just knock out round after round on. Oh, and I didn’t spin! Again! I really was feeling lazy. Jury is still out for today.

I hope everyone else is having an opportunity to relax as well. It really is a wonderful opportunity!

One thought on “Luxury Or?

  1. I’m so glad she had a good time! Things like this will be her good memories for years to come. And how great for her self esteem. 😀

    Glad, too, that you got a lazy day, nice of Mr. Ink to order it.

    We name our cars too, but not do usefully as you do yours. The truck is Scottie (female version) and the prius is Bluebell. Not to original, but makes them more like a part of the family, lol.

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