Another Week

After another relaxing day where I relaxed but also got so much done, it’s Monday. So far though, it’s a slow start to my morning. Which I appreciate.

We decided to go out of the city again yesterday, to a small town with a pet store that was supposed to have a certain type of aquarium plant that Mr. Ink has wanted to get his hands on for a long time. Unfortunately, once there, he determined that the plants were not in the shape he wanted them to be. Instead, we picked up 3 shrimp and 3 new sword tail fish. I am pleased about this, as I’d had a sword tail that we raised from an itty bitty baby, she was one of 6 and the only one to survive, but after having her about a year and a half, she mysteriously passed away. It was a bummer, as she was such a good tank cleaner and I loved watching her. I called her my spirit animal, as her near constant state of cleaning really resonated with me. (Thankfully I do not have to clean the house by eating all the dirt.)

Now I’ve got 3 sword tails to watch in the tank. And Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly are enjoying searching for the shrimp.


The aquariums, built and maintained by Mr. Ink, are indeed a constant source of amusement and interest.

I got some spinning time in. I worked on some yellow batts on my wheel, and got the singles done. I am saving the plying for Tuesday evening as my knitting is so interesting right now.


And I managed another repeat on my new lace stole. While the first repeat took me all day Saturday, the second repeat wasn’t nearly so arduous. Thankfully. In fact, I’d say I quite enjoyed it. I may not be able to get a repeat done a night during the week, but it should go fairly quickly now.

In other news, gardening is right at the top of the list of conversations we are having around the house right now. Remember that burning bush that I loved for giving me a little privacy even though it was too large for it’s space and we had to keep cutting it back drastically? Here’s what it looks like now.


I think we’ve officially decided to take it out and replace it with a fairly mature already smoke bush. And we are, of course, going to take out this retaining wall that annoys the heck outta me each time I look at it and replace it with something more aesthetically pleasing to us. The plan is to work on this nightmare in April, and get our smoke bush in May to put in. That burning bush stump is going to be a pain to get out, but since that wall has to come down anyhow, now is a great time. Then, Mr. Ink intends to pull out quite a lot of the dirt in that garden, and amending it appropriately, so that I can have the larger veggie garden I’ve been hoping for. And, we intend to reroute that downspout to be less of an eyesore. Mr. Ink has had his nose buried in the internet catalogs of various trees and has placed a few orders. He’s getting antsy. Apparently the gardening and landscaping bug bit hard, he’s not going to quit in this upcoming year. I guess it bit me too, because I’ve been planning out my veggie garden and looking forward to getting that established too.

And that’s it from here. It’s supposed to be a lovely day today so I am hoping to finally get a walk in WITH Miss Butterfly as that hasn’t happened in awhile and I miss it. And then we are full speed ahead into the work week!


3 thoughts on “Another Week

  1. I dont know what is up with me. Im still feeling guilty about quiet days. Today we painted more of the house. We will have painted the entire interior tomorrow when we finish on small area that’s left. I never really sit until 3 or 4 and then I SIT. All evening. And I look forward to that time of day so so much. Relaxing with my knitting and my Fireman.

    • That sounds so productive though, and really, that’s what I crave. I mean, I used to be madly productive, daily, before work went sour. I might get that back though, if things even out. Congrats on all the painting, can I hire you?!? Hah!

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