Yesterday Miss Butterfly and I went on a long pokewalk. What we’ve now come to call our long walks together which also involve pokemon hunting. To be honest, the game is about over for me at this point, as I have almost everything there is to have, and so it’s boring. BUT, she doesn’t, so we still hunt for her, and it’s a great way to convince her to head out with me.

Upon our return, she’d asked if we could watch some Lemony Snicket. I told her no, I didn’t really feel like watching anything right now. She took that “right now” over to Mr. Ink, and asked HIM for a family movie night. He agreed, and said he’d order pizza. I got a BIT annoyed because I’d just told her no, and she explained that she’d taken that “right now” statement as an indication that later might be ok. It was a little underhanded, but I can’t really resist family time.

In fact, she was unusually all up in Mr. Ink’s business yesterday. First she got him to agree to family movie night, then she got him to order pizza, then she wanted to go WITH him to pick up pizza. AND, they decided on a movie together. Which turned out to be Jaws. A movie she’s seen before, and thinks is hilarious. Β All fine with me, as really I just needed a few minutes of quiet prior to the movie.

Upon their return, I found out that Mr. Ink had scratched my new car! He scratched the mirror when trying to get the car out of the garage. It really IS a tight fit. I am simultaneously annoyed and relieved it wasn’t me who put the first scratch on the new car. He’s promised me touch up paint, and I’ll be holding him to that.

In any case, we had a lovely evening watching Jaws and eating pizza. And I knit, naturally. I worked on my duotone cowl because it’s awfully close to being done, and I figured it was a good one for “scary” movie watching.

I didn’t get photos of it though. I just have a photo of the latest reversible circles of lace scarf I am knitting. This one is another for Miss Marja project out of Miss Marja’s handspun.


It’s looking good! It’s my current lunchtime work project. Which means it’s slow going as usual, but there’s no technical rush, and it’s such luscious yarn that it’s nice to spend time with it, if that makes sense.

That’s about it for around here. I’d hoped to report that I had another grant out the door, at least. I’ve got 4 due this week. But, sadly, I am sitting around waiting on people to give me documents and information. I am at a total stand still! It looks like the remainder of this week is going to get ugly quickly. BUT, it’ll be over soon? There’s that at least.

6 thoughts on “Jaws

  1. lol Miss B knows how to get things done! Glad you got a few minutes of quiet time before Jaws… which I never thought of as a comedy… πŸ™‚ the blue yarn and knitting look wonderful, my favorite color! and Miss Marja is surely fooling you, that does not look handspun – it is so balanced and even! I cast on a cowl last night with my OWN handspun – very exciting to actually be using up some of this yarn I work so hard on. My yarn is NOT as pretty as yours and Miss Marja’s, but it is pretty good and getting better with each new project. So now I need to see the cowl you are working on… maybe after you do FOUR grants in FOUR days you will have time for a photo? πŸ™‚

    • It’s still this one I am working on:

      It’s almost done though! I think it’ll be complete this weekend.

      Knitting with your handspun is a sure fire way to improve your spinning skills. I didn’t knit with mine often for a long time. Then suddenly when I did, I was able to determine what I liked and didn’t like and change things up. It was great! The other sure fire way to improve your spinning is knitting with someone else’s handspun. I did that about 7 years ago. The gal I got the handspun from had such a softer hand than my own spinning. Her yarn felt amazing! I learned so much from that one skein. It changed my spinning forever.

      That being said…your spinning is great! I can see vast improvements each bobbin photo you post, and your skeins are thinner and thinner yarn just like you are hoping for. I love your spinning posts! (Especially that small skein of yellow that you dyed. LOVED that one!)

      • thank you! I do feel like each skein is better, but I had so many things in queue for Christmas and such that I did not get to knit with my own yarn – and when I did, it was older spins – they were rather tight and hard. πŸ™‚ The two I am working with now are newer, and they are much softer, you are right. I hemmed and hawed about starting the big spin for the sweater, but I have to go big or go home sometime, right? I think I can handle it, though. Just go slow and steady, and keep that scotch tension loose. πŸ™‚

        Getting the two books on spinning helped, as does just general experience, I think. πŸ™‚

        So glad you liked the yellow – isn’t it amazing how different the fiber looked before and after spinning? that is what I am really enjoying learning, I never would have guessed the colors would quiet down that much.
        Keep on inspiring me with your beautiful spins. πŸ™‚ And the pretty knits you do with them – love that cowl!

  2. Lovely scarf and cowl!
    That first scratch on a new car is the worst! I know just what you mean about being glad it wasn’t you:)
    Kids know how to get what they want. A movie and pizza sound like a great family night. Add in knitting and it’s nearly perfect:)

  3. Jaws.Always a favorite. Nowadays the technology is so advanced, that our kids think its pretty fakey. But you just can’t beat the storyline and the boat scenes…and with a good pizza…
    Your livin the dream!

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