I have two finished objects to show off now! And I am having trouble figuring out what to start with. Meh, maybe both?

I finished up this skein of 3 ply handspun. It’s a sport weight yarn and there’s 420 yards. It is, overall, a gradient but in addition to the one gradient bobbin I also did a fractal spin with the other two bobbins. It should make an interesting finished object.


Of course, all the colors are pretty close in tone, so it’ll be subtle. I really loved this spin. It’s nothing like I expected it to be. It’s shiny, and sparkly, and wonderful. I spun this out of batts I created:


I used throwster’s waste in these batts, and I expected that to kind of tangle. It didn’t at all! It’s an awesome subtle silk thread that shines through really nicely. Next batts I make are going to get a very large amount of throwster’s waste. There wasn’t NEARLY enough in these! I just didn’t know how it would act when I created the batts and didn’t want to go overboard. The testing was good, time to add more.

This actually brings me to another point. I was thinking about the spinning for Tour de Fleece this year. Yes, already. I wanted to figure out what I’d do that was different from years before. What is it that would be an interesting challenge. And, I am thinking that I may decide that during TdF I will have to create the batts or rolags I spin from my personal wool stash. That should make for a nice challenge! And it’ll work me through some stash as well.

Sadly, this spin put me over for spinning. You may remember that I am to be keeping my knitting mileage and spinning mileage even, or the knitting mileage has to be over the spinning. This puts spinning ahead, and I have to stop spinning so I can catch up with knitting.

Well, that answers that. There’s enough pictures and talk in this post to save my other finished object for tomorrow! In Miss Butterfly news, the poor kid is just miserable! Her legs are so sore, her hips and back are sore, her ankles are sore. Her dad called last night to give her advice on what to do for relief, which had her rolling a rolling pin all over her legs. I told her that next time she really SHOULD train for the event. She said “That’s what Dad said!” But she didn’t say “I am never doing this again.” Which was encouraging. Apparently the sense of accomplishment wins of the sore legs situation. I am hoping she finds relief from this soon so we can get back to doing that which we enjoy together, going for walks! She’s also still ridiculously tired and eating almost constantly. Those things too are to be expected.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for a cowl!

Less than 24 Hours

This post is ALL proud mamma, and no crafting.

Miss Butterfly did get back to the gym Sunday morning, and she DID do another half marathon. Here’s her post marathon in under 24 hours selfie.


Pretty sure she’s wearing The Most Appropriate shirt.

And, if you’d like to see what her last moments of the challenge look like, there’s a video:

She’s certainly a well supported young lady these days, not only by her family but by those around her in general. After she completed, she had a dip in the pool and hot tub. Then she and her dad headed home. I received a message from her not long thereafter saying “Mom, could you please just this once come pick me up? Dad won’t bring me home for another hour at least because Football, and I have such a headache and I am SO tired.” Well, I think after a big goals weekend, sometimes you just gotta be in your OWN Space. So, we hopped in the car and drove out to get her. She immediately turned on the heated seats and dropped down and fell asleep.


She stayed that way until we got home, sleeping through Mr. Ink’s trip to the grocery store. Once home, she crawled in bed again, and I filled a large water bottle for her to sip on when she felt like it. She stayed there for another hour, but then rallied to have a very lovely evening with us. Homework, a shower, and episode of Glee, a delicious dinner, and a bunch of pampering by myself and Mr. Ink was how we did the evening.

This morning I went in to wake her up. She’d consumed an entire huge cycling water bottle of water overnight, and was quite sore. But, she’s also eager to get to school and tell her PE teacher all about it. I told her to take some ibuprofen for her sore legs as soon as she had breakfast. And, she’s around her father and me often enough to know that when you are sore, the worst thing is to be still. So, she knows she’s gotta keep moving to sort out the soreness.

In a rather funny end to the story, her grandmother told her that she’d sponsor Miss Butterfly at $4 a mile. I mean, after all, her run last year was a 10K, so that’s what, just over 6 miles? So, to have her complete 26.2 was a bit startling. This brings her total raised as of right now to $1,259 for MS research. She came in second overall in fundraising!

We. Are. Proud.

Blown Out of the Water

The big news around here today is about Miss Butterfly. You see, for the past few weeks, she’s been raising money for MS research. She did so by agreeing to run more than a 10K on a treadmill during an event her father’s running group was hosting. She got started last evening.


And, she blew that greater than 10K goal out of the water by running 14.83 miles that evening. I do believe she’s got some sponsors that are sponsoring her a certain amount of money per mile, so she doesn’t have her final fundraising total in yet. She took a dip in the pool before heading home with her dad, and she sent me this proud selfie from the car.


This morning? She wants to get back over there and do some more miles, as the event is a 24 hour event and she seems to think she could do the equivalent of a marathon in the space of 24 hours. Seems ambitious, but she comes from persistent stock. We’ll see! She told me this morning she was annoyed because her father wasn’t getting up and around and over to the gym fast enough for her.

As for crafting, I did a little of it yesterday. I finished up the cowl I wanted to get done, that’s currently blocking. And I finished spinning the singles for my current spinning project.


They look so cheery! I am looking forward to the plying job on these. I also went shopping, of my own volition. Not usual. But, I wanted to get some curtains for the master bathroom, ones that were not obviously homemade and falling apart. I did so, and now need to head back today for appropriate hardware for those curtains. I also need to iron them. Hah! I think the next to be updated would be the kitchen curtains. I’ve got ideas. We’ll see.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend as well, full of activities you love to do!



Want to see where I am on my WIPs? It’s nice to take account now and then.

I was able to finish one of Mr. Ink’s socks this week.


Knitting the afterthought heel brought me to exactly where I needed to be to start the next pair with them matching. Hopefully there’s enough yarn. I worry about these things.

I’ve been knitting on Marja’s handspun Ghazal cowl for quite some time now. It’s out of her own handspun of course. All the little colors in it have been quite charming. This one has been at work with me. It would be done by now if it wasn’t for daily last minute grants (seriously. Daily.) interrupting my lunch breaks. But, I am so close to done now that I thought I’d bring it home and finish it this weekend.


And the scarf that isn’t close to done, Rivenhall.


It may not be close to done, but it is lovely and the yarn is soft with regularly changing colors. I think it’ll be fairly spectacular once it’s complete. And blocked. The repeats are long, but when I do have time to knit in the evenings I try to at least get one repeat done before moving on to something else.

I did also cast on another stocking, but there’s no rush to finish it at this point, since I made the decision to send my upcoming new nephew my own navy blue and white one rather than the one with hazelnut color. I am trying to get these projects off my list though, before I start new things. But there’s 3 skeins of yarn in the basement waiting to be wound into balls and cast on, the startitis is growing.

As for real life. As I mentioned, the grants situation is quite concerning. We’ve gotten last minute grants every single day this week, as well as last week. The worst one was yesterday around noon, finding out about one being submitted for that day’s deadline. Except…we didn’t find out through the person submitting the grant, we found out in a round about way. And with only 4 hours left to get the thing submitted, and him trying to submit without us thinking he knew what he was doing, we looked at the grant package and realized he was wrong. Very wrong. I’d left my Friday afternoon open for catching up on all the other stuff I needed to get done so that I’d have time to submit the 6 I have actually planned between now and mid February as well as the ones that we are certain will show up last minute. But, again, that afternoon just got eaten up by more poor planning.

So, I’d say that work isn’t going well. And, I think that’s why, in part, I get home and then am after my family to help me around the house. Miss Butterfly and I sorted a bunch of her toys, filling the back of my car with a load for donation, filling a trash bag full of actual junk, and her reorganizing what she had. I also did a lot of basement reorganization, you can now kind of move around down there and things are back where they should be. So now I have to get down there to actually clean. And then we need to move things around a bit to make it a better space to work in. But, the main agreement that I made with Miss Butterfly is that if she brings this into the house:


Other stuff has to leave. Way to make the ridiculous work for me.

I’ve got my eye on new curtains for the kitchen and the master bathroom, that might be today’s mission, as well as dropping off the donation stuff. It’s nice to be feeling inspired about the house again!

Slightly More Focused

My crafting ADD continued into Tuesday evening. It was so severe that evening that I really didn’t end up crafting. I got stuck on the couch after my walk and couldn’t quite get motivated to do much else beyond help make dinner when it was time. To be fair, I’d also gone in early to work and stayed very late as one of my people was getting an award and I wanted to be at the ceremony. I’d forgotten that I was going to stay late, and thus I had intended to arrive at work late. But, the forgetfulness was serendipitous as I was forced to work on yet another last minute due that day grant I didn’t know about prior to my arrival at work.

So, basically my point is that my crafting ADD continuing into Tuesday evening probably just had more to do with mental exhaustion than anything else. However, what was born out of those two unfocused crafting days was the realization that I hadn’t been working with my support spindles lately, so I pulled out a Nunoco batt and did a tiny bit of spinning on it.


The yellows and greys are a combo┬áI adore, and I am trying to spin pretty thickly on the support spindles as I don’t want the project to take forever.

Thankfully, Wednesday was a bit more gentle on my brain, and once home I got my taxes done, then Mr. Ink said “I am bored with the internet, let’s watch TV!” So we watched an episode of The Crown before dinner. I focused my attentions on his latest pair of socks and the Rivenhall scarf. I’d say that’s pretty focused.

Miss Butterfly was with her father last evening. And came home with this.


She set it at the sliding glass door, knocked, and ran away. Mr. Ink was all “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!” Miss Butterfly said she’d also set it in the backseat of her father’s car, facing outward. So that when they’d come to a stoplight, she could watch the people do a double take from their cars, and then start giggling.

She’s ridiculously happy with this item. I did mention to her that she now has to start getting rid of more stuff because Mom cannot take the mess anymore. She agreed to at least sort and cull her basement stash of toys. I am afraid I did the bad mom thing and rained on her parade a bit. Meaning, her father and his family just buys ALL Of the stuff. And sends it home with me because nothing fits in their small apartment. And it’s SO wasteful. Furthermore, when it comes to Christmas gifts, she’ll get like one item from us, one item from my parents, one item from my brother, one item from Mr. Ink’s sister in law. All carefully chosen as things which she TRULY wants. Every year she says something to the effect of “I love Christmas at your house Mom, where I get less stuff but stuff that I actually want. Where people listen to me when I tell them what’s on my list!”

So hopefully she’s learning something about stuff and gift giving, even if I have to suffer through all these extra items in my home. I have, in the past, boxed up all the toys she no longer plays with, but that her father and his family got her, put them in his car, and asked him to figure out where they go next. I might have to do that again. In the meantime, I think our entire family needs to spend some time cleaning and organizing our basement so that I don’t feel overwhelmed each time I walk to the car!

Ice Day

I had a bit of crafting ADD yesterday, couldn’t really focus on any one thing after I assembled the baby moccasins. I flitted between spinning, knitting the Rivenhall scarf, knitting on Mr. Ink’s socks and planning my next project or two. I even pulled out yarn for projects, except that I really couldn’t be bothered to go to the basement to use the swift and ball winder. I was so antsy!

In the end, Miss Butterfly and I went for a walk. We waited until the ice really started to melt. I put on my proper winter boots and walked in the icy grass. Miss Butterfly refused to wear boots so she could slide on the ice. She wore trainers, and her feet were immediately wet, but she never complained about it because sliding on the sidewalks was too fun. It was still raining, so we also had umbrellas. In fact, between the melting ice and the rain, there were areas where the entire roadway was 2 or 3 inches deep in water. It was quite the storm! Here are the photos I took from our hour long walk:

I am glad I had the opportunity to stay home with Miss Butterfly, we did have a nice day despite my being a bit stir crazy. Area schools were cancelled yesterday afternoon for today. She’s fortunate to have another day home. But, to be fair, our driveway was almost dry this morning which is saying quite a bit, and they totally could have done school.

And now I am back at work, dealing with last minute grant submissions, again, and dreaming about the beautiful work of nature and the ability to be away yesterday.

Ah well. In any case, here’s some spinning!


I made batts awhile back that are blue toned. Generally I love the batts I make so much I cannot even ply them. I leave them as thin singles as to enjoy them as long as possible. Not so this time! I am branching out and making a 3 ply. One bobbin done, the next one begun.


The ice storm certainly hit last evening, and it’s still raining today. We treated the driveway with salt before we went to bed, but it was all washed away before this morning and replaced with a thick layer of ice. Mr. Ink headed out to salt again this morning before work. I made the mistake of watching from the window. He’d salt in front of him and take mincing steps. He’d fall and slide toward our busy street, then quickly pour a load of salt in front of his body as he slid toward the street to stop himself. The back side of him was soaked as he finished up, so I know this was a disturbing trend this morning. I decided to stay home. He left in the civic. Most likely because it’s the older car and if the worst happened, it would feel less awful.

I decided to seam the baby moccasins I knit the parts for yesterday. And then I decided to go outdoors and take photos. I hugged the edge of the house as that’s where there’s no ice, and made it to the side garden to take photos.

These are the baby knits for my new nephew arriving in March. I made the moccasins last evening and seamed them this morning. I’ve never knit baby booties before, this was a first. I have to say, my initial impression is that they are simultaneously fiddly and satisfying. I am glad I made them.


They wanted to slip all over that ice covered stone. In fact, they kept trying to slip into the muddy garden, so that wasn’t ideal. My photo was snapped as quickly as possible so I could move them to a safer spot.

I had finished the sweater days ago, and blocked it over the weekend. I kept thinking that I’d need to go out and get buttons, and as such, I’d not be able to show it off anytime soon. But, as I was wandering around the house yesterday unable to go shopping due to ice, I remembered that I have a rather expansive old button stash. I decided to shop there instead, and came up with 3 light blue perfectly matching buttons.


I also knit a quick pixie baby hat, because they are so cute, and babies should have hats, and because they are a hat knit that is flat, since I rather hate knitting hats.


I have a small ball of yarn leftover, but probably not enough to knit another item from. It was good fun to knit a few baby items from handspun all at once. I am eager to send these out the door along with the stocking. The hat is newborn sized, the sweater says 0-3 months, and the booties say 0-6 months. So, it’s entirely possible that none of these will fit at once. But, they’ll last for awhile, and that’ll have to do.

Miss Butterfly and I are hoping to be able to get out later and wander the neighborhood in boots on the grass. However, I just took a look at the radar and it looks like it’ll be pouring for ages and ages. We might have to call it a loss. We have other plans too, french toast breakfast, chores, and some tv watching. I think that’ll do for an ice day! Are you in the path of this storm? If so, how is it where you are?