I just adore yellow. I always have! Really, all the shades appeal to me. I also adore yellow and grey together. So, when I saw two sets of batts in the Nunoco shop, one set yellow, and the other set yellow and grey, they quickly made their way to my house.


And I spun them up! I am glad I got both really, because the grey skein has, overall, very little yellow in it.

Both skeins are 2 ply. The grey is far more uneven than the yellow, as I did one set of singles on support spindles, and my support spindle skills are crazy rusty right now. I’ve got 200 yards of the grey, and 240 yards of the yellow. Thankfully, this did NOT put me ahead of my knitting yardage for the year. I get to spin some more this weekend!

In knitting news, I seem to have a wild hare to knit a sweater. Again. The problem is, I’ve got a couple sweaters on the needles now that I haven’t finished. And, I haven’t finished them in part because the moment I hit sleeves, I get bored. So, it seems unwise to start a sweater. I don’t know if I’ll do it or not. However, I have a few picked out, and if I make one, I could use yarn I currently have. That’s the rule. I don’t trust myself to make a sweater completely, so I have to use stash yarn!

I’ve now got my weekly grant numbers down to two in two days. One I don’t think will be a big deal at all. The other is large, and I am working at it every chance I get. I am looking forward to the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Yellows

  1. Ahh, the new WIP versus UFO dilemma. 🙂 Maybe find a pattern with something interesting about the sleeves? Or, offer a new sweater start as a reward fro finishing or frogging an older sweater UFO?

    Do you have plans for the pretty gray and yellow yarns? They both look so nice and cheerful, like spring…

    • No plans for the grey and yellow yet! It’ll have to sit in stash until it reveals a plan. I like your sweater idea though! I think I need to pull two of them out and then evaluate what should be done. I mean really, finishing up some sleeves shouldn’t be too awful, right? Maybe I can have an actual finished object in less time if I actually evaluate and complete.

      • You might be able to! Think how good you will feel – a new sweater and an empty project bag, lol. And then you can count all that knitting! So you would get to spin a lot!

  2. Funny, I just retrieved some grey and yellow boucle’ yarn from my storage in the same colours… though I’m usually not so keen on yellows, those look nice 🙂
    I second the idea of getting to start a new sweater as a reward for dealing with one of the UFOs 😉 My 2 cents

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