Sweater Grant

Last evening I got home to a message that Mr. Ink was going to work late and then drive out to get our new cargo cover for the new car. This was something that he’d discussed with the dealership on Thursday, stating that a cargo cover that wasn’t broken was something we should have been given from the start. They went above and beyond, pulling some hooks from a new to the lot car to give to us as a stop gap until they ordered a new one, and then had the new one in for us the next day.

Well, with Miss Butterfly at her dad’s and Mr. Ink out of the house, what else could I do but start on the sweater dissection project? I honestly began it with a great deal of enthusiasm. I was easily able to get the black saddle shoulders removed and new saddles knit quite quickly and by the time Mr. Ink got home, I’d already cut out the black sleeve and picked up the stitches for the main color sleeve.

I was so excited about it! So, even though he isn’t “That into yarn.” I had to tell him all about it. “I did something crazy with my knitting and I want to talk about it!” I said. And I explained the situation, and what I had done, and he said “Well, I don’t think that’s crazy at all!” I said “No?” And he said “No, I think it’s ingenious!” Well, I’ll take that for sure. If there’s one thing we have in common, it’s loving to think through a puzzle until we figure out a solution. Maybe that’s just a human thing, I don’t know. But he certainly was able to appreciate what I’d done.


Here it is this morning! No black shoulder saddles, and a decent start to a sleeve. I worked on this all evening long while we watched “Bridge of Spies.” It was a very good evening.

This morning I woke up after having quite an interesting dream where work and knitting managed to get all tangled up. I’d been working on a grant in my dream, but the grant was a hand knit sweater. And in my dream I’d been trying to explain how if I didn’t get the pattern for the sleeves there was no way I could complete this grant by Monday. And I was being told to wash and block it and I am saying “That’s out of order! I MUST have the pattern to the sleeves, there’s just no sense washing and blocking before the sleeves are done!” Along with the panic over the idea that I could work all weekend on the sleeves if I had the pattern and maybe get the thing done but it’d be close no matter what. And then I was told “Well, hand it over to this person to weave in the ends.” And I am screaming “NO! There’s NO SENSE weaving in the ends before the sleeves are KNIT, so just GIVE ME THE PATTERN FOR THE SLEEVES! I can weave in the ends MYSELF!” All the while thinking that there’s no way this sweater grant can be done and dry by the due date of Monday at 5 p.m.

Can you tell it’s been a long work week and that I have a grant due Monday? And that everyone is pushing my buttons by failing to follow my directions, and not prioritizing documents that need to be prioritized? My brain just won’t leave it all alone.

But, hopefully I can let go of that this weekend and enjoy the sweater that seems to be ready to rise out of the ashes of hibernation.


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