One Down

Maybe I am not so ingenious after all. I mean, when I’d set out on the sweater project 2 years ago, I’d set aside the correct amount of yarn for the project IF I were to knit it with those black sleeves. As I began to knit the main color into the sleeve instead, it finally occurred to me that I might have a yarn amount problem. I mean, I do have to knit a button band as well! But then I remembered that I had some more yarn in stash. So I pulled that out. However, I also wasn’t sure of the handspun amounts. I wanted to have the lower sleeve be handspun after striping it with the main color. I still want it to be “funky” after all! Just not funky with a black sleeve. I weighed my skein of handspun and knit like the wind just so I could figure out if I’d have enough yarn.


This morning, I finished a sleeve! And I have enough yarn. I’ll be fine. And even better? It fits. I double checked once the sleeve was complete.

I truly and honestly cannot believe that I am about to have a finished sweater! I mean, this is the first finished adult sized sweater in about 2.5 years. I am so pleased. And so glad I went this direction instead of casting on something new. Who knows, maybe this will inspire me to complete the other half done sweater in my stash. The one I literally don’t even know where it is in my home right now.

Unfortunately I cannot devote quite as much time today to the second sleeve. And I still have to wind the other necessary skein. But, we also have plans to go to the botanical garden and arboretum as Mr. Ink is itching to look at trees again. And, well, I like him and I like taking a walk. Plus, while I like to say I knit a sleeve in a day, it was more like a day and a half, considering that I started Friday night and completed this morning. Nevertheless, this one’ll be in the bag soon. I am hoping to just keep my momentum until it’s done now.

The rest of the day yesterday was devoted to dishes, cleaning, laundry, bread baking, and small home repairs. Basically all the things that make us love being at home. Mr. Ink gardened, naturally. It was a nice day, and I did get a walk in. It was almost too warm for my regular coat! I even noticed peony sprouts coming up. I think they are massively confused. But, even confused peonies are gentle signs that spring is coming, and since Mr. Ink hasn’t really stopped gardening that makes me so excited for this year outdoors. What are you anticipating for spring?