I don’t have a photo of a second sweater sleeve yet. But, I am CLOSE. I’ve finished the striping and am knitting with the handspun exclusively. I’ve 5 more decreases to complete, and then the ribbing and the icord bind off. I plan to be done with that tonight. I even brought it to work today. I am knitting in circles. Round and round on that sleeve. Stopping after each round to untwist my knitting. I think that’s the major thing I hate about sleeves. I’d rather knit them flat and seam them than have to untwist a sleeve after each row. No sense complaining about that now though, as I am so close to being done!

I took a photo, instead, of the circles of lace scarf I am knitting out of Marja’s handspun. It’s been getting some time during lunch time at work. Even though my lunches are desperately broken up right now, progress is still being made. So, I guess you could say, I am knitting in circles for a sleeve, and I am knitting circles in a scarf as well.


This is certainly not mindless knitting, and so when trying to find a netflix show to watch while knitting, I keep thinking a particular one looks good, click on it, and realize it requires I read subtitles. Now, I have NO ISSUE with subtitles, and I rather enjoy listening to another language while watching a movie and reading them. However, I can’t do that with this scarf. This has made me wonder just why I can’t figure out before I click on the show that it’s a foreign one. I guess I should look more carefully.

Yesterday we pushed a grant deadline right to the limit yet again. I stayed late to make sure it went in ok. It was another very busy day. That being said, I went home less stressed than usual, and I am not sure why. In could be, in part, my least favorite coworker had the day off, and so I didn’t have to deal with petty and constant irritations in addition to the grant deadline. The good news? One of the grants on my list has dropped off, to be submitted sometime in the future. That leaves me only two more to go, and a completion date of Monday next week. I can handle that!

The evening was spent knitting a sweater sleeve and being a bit pampered. The pampering is pretty much the usual situation on a grant deadline that goes late. Thank goodness! I am thankful that my family seems to be able to roll with the punches and realize that my irritation and unwillingness to deal passes quickly with a little TLC. I did come home to a kid with SO MANY words though. It’s probably actually the usual amount, it’s just that I feel bombarded after a particularly busy work day. Miss Butterfly did, however, acknowledge that I was far less grumpy than would normally be expected. She also went about entertaining herself quite well, even if she WAS talking the entire time.

That’s all from me, since grant deadlines leave little other stories to tell. I think I am leaving work early today, so perhaps today will be a little better in that respect. I am hoping to take Miss Butterfly on a walk!