icording along

Yep, I am still working hard on the funky grandpa cardigan. I finished the sleeves this week, and started on the button band. That’s knit as well, and all I have left now is a tiny bit of icord bind off on it.


So, I’ll be able to soak and block tonight, and then by this weekend I should be able to search out buttons. The pattern calls for afterthought buttonholes, so that’ll be a new to me trick! However, I think I am up for the challenge. I decided that I probably had enough of the handspun for the icord bind off, and that would probably also draw everything together. I am happy to report that I really do have more than enough of the handspun, it’s now quite clear.

That’s about it for me, it’s all sweaters and grants around here, but no more sweater grant dreams thankfully. I am so close to being done with both! I really need to do some spinning for interest!


2 thoughts on “icording along

  1. Nearing the finish! HOORAY. Im excited to see it all done…and I hope it fits perfectly. I just finished the book Sweater Quest. No one likes an unhappy ending, but hers is amix of happy and un. I’d like to finish happy after the work involved in sweater. Here’ s to happy

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