No Photos

This is a no photo post. I’ve got nothing new to take pictures of! I am plugging away at my sweater, working on the body of the sweater ribbing now so it’s getting close to button band time. I hope to have it done this weekend. Again.

But, there’s stuff to blog about. The new nephew has arrived! A bit early due to unexpected pregnancy related medical issues on the part of my sister in law. She’s now got the opportunity to recover, and little nephew is not very little at all despite being about a month early. So that was exciting news!

We got a call from Mr. Ink’s stepdaughter last night. She was hoping we’d be able to help her move a truck cab from a storage unit onto the trailer bed of a guy who had purchased it. You see, when she was a few years younger she bought a mid 70s era truck. It was old and brown and full of rust, and she had big dreams of fixing it up. So, she’d purchased the cab to go on the old rusty truck. But, she really didn’t understand what she was getting herself into, and got rid of the old truck soon after. Turns out with a wife and a job and a home to fix up, and a new car and so on, it doesn’t really leave much time for fixing up really old trucks.

So, we met her out at the storage unit, and waited on the arrival of the guy purchasing the cab. And when he arrived, we were subjected to one of the most absurd sights. Except it didn’t even hit us until after. This guy shows up in a mid 80s ford escort with over 500K miles on it, pulling a very small trailer. I honestly wasn’t sure that cab was going to fit on that trailer! But, we were successful on lifting the cab onto the trailer where it did actually fit. This guy had come from 6 hours away! And he was going to haul that truck cab on that little trailer with that more than 30 year old car back 6 hours? Insane. And also hilarious. Truly. We laughed about it the rest of the evening.

The other thing that struck me last evening was about Mr. Ink’s stepdaughter.┬áHe’s always described her as ridiculously nice. And she is. Truly. But it’s always fun to realize new things about a person you’ve known for awhile. What I realized last night is that she’s not just nice, she’s downright chivalrous. She is the most chivalrous person I’ve ever met. Let me describe last evening. We got to the storage unit, which we couldn’t get into due to it being locked up. So she came out and opened the gate for us. We headed back toward the unit, and she realized that Miss Butterfly was very cold, having not worn a coat. Again. So, she quickly herded us back to the unit, where she had her car running and heat turned up for her wife who has some chronic health issues. She promptly puts Miss Butterfly in the car with her wife so she can get warmed up. Then, we head over to the unit to lift the cab on the trailer. Mr. Ink and I hadn’t thought to bring gloves, but she had gloves on. The edges were indeed rather sharp. So, I just pulled my jacket sleeves over my hands and went to lift. But, of course, she noticed this immediately, stopped everything, and insisted I wear her gloves, the only pair of gloves available.

And then I reflected over all my time knowing her. Every single time we’ve ever spent time together she’s just the most helpful, kind, chivalrous person. The first one to jump to doing something for another person, never sitting back and letting someone else do the work. But also just plain care taking toward everyone around her. Courteous, considerate, gracious, loyal, all those words associated with chivalry, this young woman embodies. She’d have made a great knight. A Brienne of Tarth.

In any case, it was a rather unexpected and fun valentine’s day. We had no plans prior to the call to come help with the truck cab, and it got us out of the house. So we went to dinner after and had a lovely evening. Amidst giggles over 80s ford escort dude.