Long Awaited

The sweater is finally done enough to actually wear. Which is lovely. Except that it’s too warm here for a sweater! Next week looks better for sweater wearing.

I tried to wear the sweater yesterday, but maybe managed 10 minutes with it on, more as a jacket than anything else.

Nevertheless, I made Miss Butterfly snap a photo, which she did willingly while making me say the names of various pokemon, rather than the traditional “cheese.”


There you have it folks, one completed sweater with extra long sleeves. Which I love. I also love that after years and years, it got done! I didn’t rip it out, give up, or throw it out. I did actually complete the project, persisting through quite a lot of confusion and time away from it.


A few other things, this is my nephew! Isn’t he precious? I can’t wait to meet him this summer. Living so far away, I am fortunate that my sister in law is a photographer, so I do regularly get to enjoy viewing the most beautiful photos of their children.

Since we had some really fantastic weather this weekend, of course, Mr. Ink did some gardening. He worked on cutting down the spirea on the front bank. At some point, he came indoors with a branch from one of the spirea, and said “What is this thing on the branch?!?!?!” I was like “Oh, that’s a praying mantis egg sac, save those, people actually pay money for them. And so, he’s created small praying mantis nurseries all over my yard. For example, here’s my veggie garden:


All spirea twigs without egg sacs went in the truck for a load to the yard waste place on Friday when he has a day off. All twigs with egg sacs stay at home. My coworker is worried that raccoons may get to these an find them tasty, but my thought is that there are tastier things in the garbage can, and it’s never been bothered. So, I think we are safe. We’ll see.

Also due to the gloriously lovely weekend, we went on a nice long bike ride with friends. It really began to seem like we should not be on bikes though, or like some force was telling us that we shouldn’t be enjoying ourselves quite so much. Stories from one day on the trail. Before we left we’d gotten word that some kids had strung saran wrap over the trail at neck level as a prank. So…I dunno what they expected to accomplish other than hurting someone severely? Then, as we were riding, a tree fell on one of our friends. For real. That happened. Fortunately she was not hurt badly, though she ended up with a cracked and dented helmet, and smashed handlebars. After a trip in the ambulance to a local med center, she was found to have no broken bones and they sent her home. We continued on our way, as we’d gotten a bit split up due to that accident. We had to figure out how to get the bikes of the two that went in the ambulance somewhere safe. The contingent that waited with the bikes continued on their way to catch up with us, where they were scared by a guy on a bike in a clown mask. (Seriously, that fad needs to end.)  And then on the way home there were a group of kids rolling car tires down the hill at cyclists. One would imagine that when taking trails rather than roads, a cyclist would be safe!!! But, not the case for us all on Sunday. It was still a lovely ride though despite the obstacles.

That’s about it from here. I’ve got my cotton slub yarn project going quite well and I look forward to showing that off tomorrow. It’s a simple knit that I am enjoying immensely. And, while I’ve been blog quiet for lack of stuff to post about, I’ve also been enjoying keeping up with the adventures of blog friends in blog land.

4 thoughts on “Long Awaited

  1. You look fabulous, dah-ling!!! The sweater looks wonderful on you. 😀

    Seriously? Saran wrap? Hit by a tree? Crazy clown guy? And you had a good ride? Sounds pretty wild to me! Glad everyone is ok and the garden continues to be interesting and safe…

    • Thanks! I am quite pleased with the final sweater. Now. After the second knitting.
      It’s pretty hard to get grumpy on a 70F day in February…

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