Color Block

I feel like I may turn into a bit of a boring knitter here. I’ve got my handspun lace stole going, and it’s progress is very slow. I’ve got Mr. Ink’s sock, but he doesn’t really need a new pair right now so I have been trying to save it for moments when we are out and about or when I am just too exhausted to knit anything but around and around on the simplest of socks.

I did start a boomerang shawl though. The pattern is Big Waffle. This is what I decided to use as a pattern for my cotton slub yarn collection. I really had a hard time making a choice! So much of what I wanted to do was garter stitch, and I didn’t think garter stitch would show off the slubs too well. Settling on basket weave seemed to work.

I then decided I’d just do color blocks. I took the balls of yarn and weighed them. Then I arranged them Β in order of smallest ball to largest. I had to rearrange the colors a tiny bit to look better next to each other, and then I was off on my knitting journey. I am 3 colors in now, and I am pleased with the results.


My plan is simply to keep knitting until I run out of all the colors. And then I’ll have this lovely scrunchy large cotton shawl to wrap up in on spring evenings. I can imagine it being a perfect shawl to take camping, or out by the fire, since cotton so nicely washes in a machine and won’t need a bunch of blocking to put it to rights. This one has really demanded a bunch of my attention lately. The pattern is great, it has a chart which is what I generally work from, but in addition, it has a lovely, clever, written pattern grid, which keeps everything perfectly logical as the pattern repeats, and it’s so easy to follow. For once, I am choosing to knit from the written pattern rather than the chart!

In general with the lovely weather I’ve been knitting less and being outdoors more. It is so much LIKE spring out there it’s hard not to do that. However, temps begin to drop tomorrow and it will rain, then snow Friday. So, this weekend may look a lot less like spring, and more like knitting season. We need it. The rain and the snow. Everything is so dry!

I would secretly love a snow day. But, even if Miss Butterfly has off, Mr. Ink had already taken that day as vacation so I should just go in, especially since I’ve got a lovely all wheel drive vehicle that makes the snow slightly less dangerous and a lot more fun.

That’s about it from this corner of the blogosphere. Hopefully more interesting things will happen this weekend. Not things like trees falling on friends though. I like some adventure, just not quite that much!

2 thoughts on “Color Block

  1. The shawls is bright and pretty – great colors so far! I love blue and yellow together. It is going to be such a great and useful garment. πŸ™‚

    As for Spring, I hope it comes soon – things must be getting ready to pop in your garden, aren’t they? We had a ton of snow melt this week – yay! but it’s too soon for things to start growing, we still have 5-6 weeks where snow is not unusual.

    Hope Miss Butterfly gets her day off. πŸ™‚

  2. I Love the blues and yellows in the COtton shawl. I need to knit a cotton shawl. Im all about cotton blends right now. Your blog is always a fun read. Always!! TOday was 70 in Wisconsin. It was a piece of heaven. Snow by Friday here. My brain is all about summer cotton knits right now …

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