I was trying to figure out what the heck to take a photo of in order to post something, anything, despite the fact that  don’t feel like I’ve made much discernible progress lately. I mean, I’ve been knitting. Oh, I’ve been knitting. But plugging away on the same lace stole doesn’t seem picture worthy.

And then I realized that the last photo I took of my Lighter Than Perfume stole I was only about 1 repeat in.


So, I took an updated photo of that.


Because I am now halfway done. Naturally, this one is going to see the best transformation when it is done and blocked. However, I am pretty sure you can get the picture when it comes to the progress I’ve made.

We had our little storm yesterday. And, I really do mean little. School got canceled the night before. Miss Butterfly was at a friend’s house at the time, and they decided then to just go ahead and have a sleep over. Mr. Ink had the day off in order to go to the eye doctor, take a load of yard waste to the yard waste place, and get some new ink. It was nice that his day off wasn’t interrupted by having her home and bugging him. I had a faculty candidate on campus so I had to go in to work, no choice but to do so. Mr. Ink and I both woke up about 4:30, probably nervous about the storm. He cleared and salted the driveway so I could get to work at 6:30 knowing that since the last storm hit at rush hour and I spent two hours in the car, I’d better leave plenty of time. Well, when I went in, the storm still hadn’t hit. The beautiful part about that was that I got to leave about an hour early on a Friday. (Naturally, I promptly took a nap.)

We ended up getting a couple inches of snow, but the roads were fine, mostly just wet. It didn’t hit during rush hour, and by the time afternoon rush hour hit it had slowed again. I suspect it’ll be gone by the end of the weekend. But it was nice to sit at work and actually see some good snowing going on.

Our biking friend who got hit by the tree made the newspaper. Thankfully, local friends who work with city services have asked that the trail in that area be looked at for dangerous trees.

That’s about it from me today. It’s early, I am feeling surprisingly groggy and tired, and my coffee doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Hopefully I’ll rally later in the day! Have a great weekend everyone.


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I agree completely with Compassionknit! That stole is looking gorgeous, I can only imagine how great it will look when blocked. And as for the rest of your post – glad Miss Butterfly had a fun day off from school (though it sounds like there was no real reason to cancel!) and that Mr. Ink had a nice day off as well. AND you got to come home early and nap – always nice. I hope that you get over the groggy feeling, it is almost yard work season, you had better get your knitting done soon, lol. I love reading about you parallel life – makes me feel like I belong. 🙂 Today was knitting group day, so I spent several hours with sticks in hand. Tomorrow is a fundraising 5 K road race for work – I am NOT running, but organizing. So even though it is Sunday, dear wife A and I will be heading into Ellsworth bright and early. I promised her breakfast out if she would volunteer to help me. It worked. 🙂 I’ll try to post when I get home so you can see what I finished this week. 🙂

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