New Day New Color

I worked on the lace stole for a bit yesterday, took a walk with Miss Butterfly, did the tiniest bit of spinning, and then decided that my cotton slub shawl needed some love. So, I added another color, this one being a more muted yellow than the first yellow.


Next up is another blue, and then a purple. I am certainly looking forward to the purple since it’s been all blue and yellow so far.

As you can see, it’s a nice sunny day here. Yesterday was colder than expected so while there was much melting going on, the snow didn’t all disappear like I imagined it would.

I also grabbed a photo of Mr. Ink’s new ink:


Now, the reference for the picture here was quite obscure to me, so you’ll have to let me know if you know what it is. I’d love to see if it’s just as obscure to others.

In any case, he seems pleased with it. He used the same artist I did for my spider. An artist who is very talented but also extremely quiet. Mr. Ink, also being a very quiet person said he typically likes to use artists that will talk to him so he’s distracted. But, this guy’s artistry won out. I asked him how it went and he basically said that no one said a word once they got started, but that he played good music so that was helpful. I admit, it made me laugh. It went exactly as I imagined it would. I have already decided that if I use that artist again, I will be charging up my phone and bringing headphones and an audiobook.

In any case, it’s been one very relaxing weekend around here. And I’ve felt a need for that. I think today will be spent at home. Miss Butterfly and I may get a walk in, but I really want to just go nowhere. (Of course, every time I say that, Mr. Ink ends up convincing me that I really do want to do something else entirely. We’ll see.)


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