What a Weekend!

Guys, I’ve just had a truly relaxing weekend. I loved it! I really did actually stick around home all day on Sunday. I went for a walk, but that was just around the neighborhood. Other than that, I enjoyed just being in my own space.

I’ve certainly been feeling like with two larger projects on the needles, I am unable to post progress pictures that look different from the day before. However, if I have a long enough time at home in my own space, I no longer think “There’s no TIME to work on anything else!” And I just kind of naturally pick up other projects. I finally got some serious spinning done on my dyeabolical mash up project. Here’s my second bobbin. Looks like I might be about halfway through at this point.


I also picked out a batt and began spinning that on support spindles. That was later in the evening, so a photo of that will be taken after work today.

I refuse to start any new knitting whatsoever. The reason? I found my fade. I’ve been loving the pictures of that shawl all over the place. I’ve been contemplating it and wondering what I would choose if I chose yarn for the project. It’s really one of those addicting patterns to look at and contemplate. The last time I remember feeling that way was about the color affection shawl. And, my choices there did not disappoint, it has become one of those staple pieces in my winter wardrobe. You know what? I just tried to find good photos of it, and there are none! And my project notes say I didn’t like knitting it. I don’t remember that at all!

In any case, I found my fade, but my fade came from a shop. It’s a special order, so I have to wait until mid march for it to arrive. So, my hope is that I will not cast on anything new, so that I can cast on Find Your Fade as soon as that yarn comes in.

That shouldn’t be too problematic. I’ve got my cotton slub shawl, I’ve got the lace stole, I’ve got Mr. Ink’s socks, and I’ve got Miss Marja’s reversible circles of lace scarf. This should totally tide me over to mid march, don’t you think? And if not, there’s always spinning.

I’ve also been contemplating some various knitting techniques or projects I’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. Either this year or next. On the list:

-Large circular lace shawl

-Colorwork mittens, lined

-Mosaic knitting

Doesn’t seem like a particularly tough list to manage, it’s just planning those projects out, deciding on patterns, choosing yarn, and sticking to the plan. It’s so rare these days that there are new techniques I’d like to try, so I owe it to my knitting journey to accomplish them.

What techniques would you still like to learn?