An Evening of Spinning

I got home yesterday to Miss Butterfly and her friend doing homework on the couch together. Out back were two bikes they’d ridden home from school. I knew that this friend had lost her dog today, so we chatted about that. And we chatted about other things 12 year olds worry about. And then they were up and gone, biking around the neighborhood and seeing what there was to see. I realized that it’s really perfectly comfortable coming home to someone else in  your home, if it’s a kids you really really enjoy.

Once they had vanished into the neighborhood, I took my two spindles of singles outdoors for a photograph. And realized I could take a photo with plants. Because it’s a really nice spring we are having this winter.


Yep, I’ve got hyacinths making an early appearance. And in fact, from what I read, these new bulbs planted should be showing up later than usual. Not so here, they are well on their way. I have all sorts of stuff coming up all over the gardens in the yard. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you like surprises, I don’t even remember what I planted and where. There were tulips and hyacinths and crocuses for sure. And maybe some additional daffodils. And I know I’ve got grape hyacinths too. But there were other things too, and those, if they show up, should be a surprise.

As for those singles, that’s from a nice chunky fatcatknits batt. It has locks inside it, as maybe you can see from the purple. It should make a very interesting yarn. I took the remainder of the evening for spinning, working on my wheel project and then working on this project as well. I’ve now got 4 spindles of singles, though I feel like I may only be halfway through the batt. On the other hand, when I am ready to ply, I’ll be plying two projects instead of one, and that’s always fun!

Oh, and as an update. The tattoo, just as I thought, it’s a very remote reference. in 1956 there was an animated cartoon short called Rocket-Bye Baby. You can still find it on youtube, but it takes a little searching. It’s cute, and Mr. Ink apparently always loved and identified with that cartoon. He’d been talking about getting this particular tattoo for as long as I’ve known him, so it was fun to see it come to fruition for him. It’s basically a couple of birthday/christmas gifts rolled into one.

Tonight, if it does not rain, we’ll be on our bikes. Miss Butterfly has a running event she’s going to attend with her dad, she’ll be getting all sorts of rewards for the January MS fundraiser. She’s SUPER excited, as she should be. She’s also hoping for a new pair of running shoes, which will be massively marked down for the event. I am eager to hear all about it after she’s done. It’s been a pretty good week so far, despite the fact we are really early into it. Mr. Ink has gotten up early each morning to make us breakfast, which has been really fun.

In any case, more spindle pictures tomorrow, and until then, I hope your week is going equally well.

3 thoughts on “An Evening of Spinning

  1. You are absolutely right, you are having a nice spring this winter! And I think our winter might have only been two weeks long, though I know I am tempting fate by thinking that. Almost all snow is gone, rain due tonight should move things along. I feel like we are 4-5 weeks ahead of schedule.

    Love the spindles – you are so clever…

    Hope you enjoyed the bike ride and that the breakfasts keep happening.

    I never would have gotten that obscure reference. 🙂

    • Since we didn’t really grow up with TV, and certainly not cartoons, I am never quite sure if an obscure reference is obscure to ME, or to everyone. This is certainly one that seems to be obscure to everyone.

  2. Yes i Love that really nice spring we are having this WInter! Big thunder expected here tonight and I LOVE it. We are now high on a hill and we have a garage for the cars finally, so let it rain etc.

    It is so wonderful to talk to 12 year olds about their concerns. THeir worries are real. as you well know!

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