Another gorgeous day in the heartland. I got a text yesterday morning from my biking friend saying “I don’t recall it was to be this cold when we agreed to bike this morning!” It was 31. I told him I’d have to agree with that statement and then suggested we postpone until today. He quickly agreed and mentioned that his girlfriend could go too if we postponed, so a win for everyone. We’ll go this afternoon.

It ended up being 72 that afternoon! And I took myself off to a local lake and took a long walk. Mr. Ink built things. He built his new composter, and he built his new wood chipper. And then we played pandemic with friends that evening. A good day all around, plus, I did some crafting.

Here’s some more handspun! I have 290 yards of this. It is a 2 ply. It’s got locks and other chunks of good stuff in it, making for a very interesting yarn.


The spinning bug didn’t quit there, and I began to spin another fatcatknits batt called Dreaming of Tomatoes, which seems entirely appropriate for me, and for the time of year.

I either have to leave this as singles or chain ply. I’d say it’ll make a nice gradient as singles, and it will, but there are a lot of white sections among the color so it might not make the perfect gradient. I am currently undecided. And that’s ok, I am only about halfway through.

I’ve still been plugging away on my big waffle shawl out of cotton slub as well. After the current color, I’ve only 3 more to go. Of course, they are the three largest balls of yarn, but it’s still fun to realize that it’s coming to a close.

With the cotton slub, and with the purchase of the yarn for Find Your Fade, I’ve had to modify my “rules” for stash knitting/spinning. I’ve decided that any yarn that comes into the house during this year cannot count toward my miles knit. So, knitting with it could end up cramping my spinning style. However, if the goal is to decrease stash, not making this rule could have dire consequences on that goal.

Today, in addition to a bike ride, we are planning to head off to the hardware store, and then I am planning to dig up some of the ditch lilies that have again appeared in my veggie garden bed. Plus, I see some weeds. And I’d like to eradicate all of that before we get much further, since that bed is going to be mostly fallow for now.

I love weekends even more when the weather is ridiculously pleasant!