Dreaming of Tomatoes

Yep, that’s absolutely a thing I am dreaming of. I am doing so by spinning the fiber that shares that name, as well as working on ridding my veggie garden of ditch lilies, mums, and weeds. The mums won’t have time to flower before we completely remove the dirt from that garden and modify/replace it. The weeds should not be allowed to gain any foothold. And the ditch lilies act like weeds. One tiny little tuber results in more than one of these ditch lilies and they’ve GOTTA GO! This will be year 3 of digging those things out of the garden, and this will be the FINAL YEAR.

In fact, at this point, I am so annoyed with them that I’ll be removing them from the rest of my garden as well. I am done. So done.

Mr. Ink is clearly dreaming of tomatoes as well, or at least of spring. On Saturday he built his new compost bin, put together a rain barrel, and put together his new wood chipper. Yesterday he spent the entire day cutting down spirea on the front bank and feeding it through the chipper, then beginning his compost project. I, of course, added kitchen stuff to the compost, and so we should be well on our way there, with him already speaking of getting another bin to put next to the current bin. We have a LOT of yard waste due to the large yard. There are also new mysterious red paint circles all over the lawn. When asked about this, I was told that they are for trees that will be arriving this spring. It seems that this will be my last year of mowing, because there’s nothing I hate more than mowing around multiple trees. It’s up to him after this. I was told which tree would go where, until one spot where I was told “it’s a surprise!” So, we’ll have to wait to find out about that one. But, I can only imagine it’s one that I’ve bugged him about adding. Another magnolia? A rhododendron? Maybe a japanese lilac? I don’t know! We’ll have to wait for the surprise. In any case, it seems clear that despite all his back problems, Mr. Ink isn’t ready to quit digging holes.


I continued on the dreaming of tomatoes spin project, which I decided to leave as singles. This is almost done. I didn’t get a done photo, but the resulting yarn is hanging to dry so I’ll get a photo for tomorrow.

The other thing I did with myself yesterday that I was absolutely thrilled with, though it may be something people do on the regular, was learn how to remove the drain covers in both the bathroom sink and tub, in order to use one of those plastic snake thingies to clear out any hair and grossness. The tub was easy! The sink was a bit more complicated but it went well as it is clear that someone put in a new faucet right before we bought the place. Not much corrosion to deal with. Now the bathroom drain runs beautifully again, one of the things I’ve appreciated the most about my house. The sink drain? Well, that’s still a bit slow, and I am beginning to think the issue isn’t a plumbing problem, but rather a sink stopper problem. I may have to raise it up to allow water to drain faster. It’s a work in progress, but I feel good about the learning of a thing.

That’s about it for the weekend report. This week is gearing up to be QUITE busy. More so than I prefer. Miss Butterfly has her first choir solo, and it’s a doozy. It’ll be 5th grade choirs through senior choirs as well as all of the associated show choirs in a huge gym with all the parents and family in attendance. I believe that her solo is with someone else, or a few other kids or something, but I am just really impressed she tried out in the first place. And thrilled her choir teacher gave her the confidence to do so. It’s clear from every time we talk to him that he just so appreciates her in choir. I am very much hoping that she’ll also try out for show choir next fall, now that she’s comfortable with him and with auditions. I know that means MY life gets crazy busy, but we just get so proud of her, and that extra busy time doesn’t matter much in the end.