Dreaming of…

I finished my Dreaming of Tomatoes spin, and it’s washed up quite nicely.


I am surprisingly fond of this yarn. I admit that I liked the batt when it arrived, but I wasn’t in love with it. It was part of a personal subscription batt club, so it was a surprise. And, I’d say over all this was the batt I liked the least. And yet, now that it’s done, it might be my favorite of the 6! It’s a 640 yards of laceweight singles, so that’ll make quite a nice shawl or stole or something.

I immediately began another project. This one is another dyeabolical fiber, colorway Jo Rides a Motorbike.


I’ll just make a simple 2 ply out of this, I needed a super relaxing spin. It’s just 4 ounces, and I am a bit over halfway through, though I haven’t had time to touch it since Sunday evening.

Yesterday was crazy warm during the day. I think it hit 78? But, this is the midwest, and basically if you look at the weather and see 78 one day and a high of 57 the next, you can make a pretty good bet that there’ll be some sort of nasty weather rolling through. That being said, I do not recall ever seeing a forecasted storm for yesterday. But, as I was sitting at my desk, we got an emergency crawl across our computer screens indicating severe thunderstorms headed our way. It was so odd, as my desk window looks east and it was just gorgeous out! Sunny and bright! So, I headed to the other side of the building, only to see some very nasty dark clouds. It was so strange to see two completely different skies from different parts of our building. The storms rolled through bringing 50 mph wind gusts that lasted all evening even though the storms passed quickly, as well as a precipitous drop in temps. And I came home to the flashing on our house on the ground. 2 pieces! With another piece threatening the same. And winds like that all evening.

Thankfully, today has dawned beautifully, and our third piece of flashing hanging on by a thread managed to stay ON the house, though it looks a bit worse for wear.

Miss Butterfly and I took the evening to head to the store and work on getting her a few pairs of shorts for the upcoming season. Shopping is basically one of my least favorite things, but I managed it without being grumpy the ENTIRE time. As it hit about 8 p.m. and we still weren’t home and I hadn’t had dinner yet, that’s when I began to get grumpy, but the project was a decent success, we did manage to find 3 pairs of shorts.

Tonight is a district vocal festival so we’ll be out all evening for that, Miss Butterfly has a solo and we are very proud of her. We can’t wait! This also means I might get a little sock knitting done on Mr. Ink’s long term project socks. I generally find my irritation and discomfort at sitting around on bleachers somewhat lessened if I can at least also be knitting.

In any case, that’s about it from my corner of the world! Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Dreaming of…

  1. I love the name DREAMING OF TOMATOES. It is perfect and your spin is too. We were promised storms, but I dont think we had any. LOTS of Wind and it continues today. Vocal festival sounds lovely. Hope The SOLO goes really well for your daughter!

  2. Dreaming of Tomatoes is very nice! I look forward to seeing it becoming a pretty FO. The gradients are beautiful and they should show well in a wide shawl.
    Said that, I’m also fond of the blue/purple bobbin… I can’t resist blues!
    It must feel a bit magic to create beautiful yarn from fleece… Well done

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