First of all, I’ve got a new in progress photo for the waffle weave shawl. I’ve added purple and more muted yellow to it. After this? Two shades of pink, another brighter yellow, and then done.


It’s already huge. Really. But, I suppose that was my hope! I really like it though, it just feels good. But, it’s going on a back burner.


If you are involved in the knitting world, you probably know what’s coming next. The Marled Magic Mystery shawl from Westknits is taking the knitting world by storm, as his knit alongs so regularly do. I had been quite positive I wouldn’t get involved despite it being verrrry tempting. After all, I have that find your fade yarn on order and I wanted to begin clearing my works in progress in anticipation of find your fade. Then one friend fell into this madness. And when she posted progress photos, they were amazing. Then another one fell, and HER project photos were gasp worthy. And then ANOTHER went, and I loved her project too! And that’s when I realized that this knit along was going to be completely unavoidable. So, last evening I wound balls of handspun yarn, basically leftovers and one offs that I’d spun in the past. Though there are two of Miss Marja’s leftovers in there as well. There’s actually more, tiny balls of this and that I’ve got laying around the house. Not really enough to do anything with, but they are handspun so I can’t really part with them either.

Yesterday was very busy, I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. But I did get the mystery shawl cast on, and I am eagerly awaiting the moment I can go home, grab a photo, and spend my evening on the project. We’ve already done two dentist appointments and a work evaluation, and it’s only 11! So, the evening “off” for me is entirely necessary.

3 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. oh, now I have to go look at this shawl, even though I have a sweater and socks on the needles, and spinning to do. Thanks a lot, friend! πŸ™‚

    Love these colors, can’t wait to see what they turn into.

    • I am not surprised you are the first person to quickly say “I have to check that out.” You get to hold two colors together in order to really play with color. And I think many knitters take up spinning in part to play with color. So, this is like the same thing, but with your knitting. It’s super fun!

      • Your colors are so pretty, too. That piece you shared a photo of looks like tropical water. Lovely and soft. πŸ™‚ I am not committing to that just yet, but it is oh so tempting.

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