Circles of Lace

Miss Marja’s reversible circles of lace scarf is complete!I used every last bit of her handspun on this one, one of the distinct advantages of this particular pattern.


Not quite sure what else to say about this one! The knit was completely unremarkable. It went perfectly smoothly. I knit it almost entirely at work during lunch breaks, and the reason it took so long is that I go out at lunchtime far more often than I used to, for my sanity. My current coworker/coworkers don’t seem to be able to exist at work without being disruptive, so headphones in and knitting isn’t a sign they read as “Leave Shells Alone.” In any case, the knit turned out fine, the yarn is lovely, and the project is finished. I think I won’t jump at doing this particular pattern again, even though it’s a very nice one. This was two circles of lace scarves in very quick succession, and I am not eager to knit it again right now.

Miss Butterfly got her best friend playing pokemon now too. Yesterday, Buterfly and Bestie were at my place, and we had to run out and get some snacks for a class party they have happening today. We headed off to the store and went shopping, of course this was punctuated by stopping frequently for Bestie to catch pokemon, along with much screeching. We then went out for coffee as well, and then did a little drive around to continue to catch pokemon. It ended up being a pretty fun afternoon with those two. I can see why Bestie’s mom always takes them shopping. It’s a great way to actually spend time with them, when at home they are just off doing their own thing. The reality is, they are both such super awesome kids that spending time with them is great fun!

The rest of the evening was completely unremarkable and quiet, which is just fine with me. I’ve got a find your fade shawl start that I will be able to show off tomorrow. I am very excited about it, and the yarn choice is downright amazing. My entire family has off work tomorrow, and I am feeling quite irritable that I still have to work. Ah well, I guess I took extra time off when I really needed it, and now that things have slowed down slightly, I am not feeling too overwhelmed anymore.

Happy Tuesday blogland!

3 thoughts on “Circles of Lace

  1. love the scarf, and that yarn – it looks like all my favorite colors blended into one pretty yarn. Miss Marja is a wonder.

    Sounds like a fun day with B and B – glad you were flexible and willing to chase Pokemon!

    As for work when they have none – you are right – you take time when you need it, and this is the down side of not having more to take. Doesn’t retirement sound wonderful? Now, what is this about people who can’t tell when you are knitting and wearing headphones you are “not there”? That is too bad. But I hope you take your knitting when you go out – you need that fiber time. And we need to see what you are making – can’t wait to see the fade!

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