Second Fade

Let me show you the second fade and third color in find your fade!


This was the photo I grabbed just after work yesterday. I immediately wound the yarn for the next section so that it would be ready to go when I needed it. I got my house chores done, and then began a marathon find your fade session. After dinner I still wasn’t quite done with the lace. Mr. Ink asked what I’d like to do before bed. I’d suggested a movie, and we got a look of consternation from Miss Butterfly, indicating that she’d asked for a movie night a couple times and we hadn’t done it yet. I argued that she was up late with Bestie overnight. Mr. Ink argued in Butterfly’s favor, saying that the girls had gone straight to bed exhausted from all the screaming and dancing they’d done, and he hadn’t heard another peep out of them. Not to mention the fact that she’s on spring break. So, I was quickly overruled, and we decided on Princess Bride. Miss Butterfly hadn’t seen it before. I told her that when I was her age, I’d been absolutely terrified by it, but of course she was not, thinking it quite funny. (Seriously, as a kid who watched nothing at all that was scary, the fireswamp was absolutely traumatizing.)

I continued on find your fade, assuming I’d get to add my fourth color, except that I ran out of the current color with 4.5 rows remaining on that color. I have the second skein, but I hadn’t wound it, and I wasn’t about to stop a movie to go do that. So, my Big Waffle shawl got a few unexpected rows knit on it. This morning I wound the second skein of color 3, and was able to get to the point where I added a row of color 4. That was quite satisfying. Of course, the third mystery shawl clue came out this morning, so Fade will take a back seat as I rattle off the next fun sections of the mystery shawl. Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT to get home. And I am crossing my fingers that Mr. Ink does not feel an overwhelming need to grab our bikes and go find the bike crew that will have been partying all day on bikes together while we were at work.

In other extremely exciting news, it’s official. Spring has sprung in our yard.


I went out to take a look around yesterday, and found this gorgeous, fully opened crocus. I planted some bulbs in the fall, and they are popping up all over. It’s so exciting! I have some yellow crocuses beginning to bloom as well, and a daffodil that has almost bloomed. This is actually 2 weeks late for the daffodil, so my consternation about our mild winter actually seems to be somewhat unfounded? Though I have a different theory, I believe that I’ve disturbed and replanted those daffodil bulbs so often in the veggie garden that they had a bit more trouble this year. Actually, it looks like some tulips may show up in the veggie garden. We’ve never had tulips there before, and I did not plant them there. So, I can only imagine that they were in there, laying dormant, and waiting for that garden bed to be cleared out enough to grow. We shall see! There’s also far far more daffodils this year than there were last year, despite the fact that I spent last year digging them up and moving them to different gardens!

I’ve also noticed that one of my garden beds is far behind the others. I think it just gets too much shade this time of year, even though it won’t get a ton of shade throughout the summer. It’s just perfectly placed for the garage to shade it this time of year. The exciting part of that means I’ll have another whole crop of crocuses and springtime flowers after the first initial blast I am seeing now.

Happy Friday my friends!