What a Mystery!

Clue 3 came out on the mystery shawl, and I got right home and got started! I was so excited!


That blue triangle was the first section in this clue, and the seed stitch to the right of it is the second section of this clue, though far from finished. I mimicked the color progression in the previous seed stitch section so far. I am about to veer off course though, since I have run out of the next yarn color. I’ll get back on course for a bit, and then I’ll be choosing new color combos again, as I’ll have far more seed stitch in this section than there was in the previous one.

This is also the clue in which I got to find out if my original first section mistake was going to be a problem or not. It looks ok, which is a great relief after ALL this knitting! Here’s the whole thing as it currently is.


This shawl really is ridiculous, but it’s also growing on me. I will be making the biggest size, and it really may be used mostly as a blanket. It’s kind of a memory blanket, in the sense that all of those yarns have knitting or spinning memories attached to them. And really, it’s a cool way to preserve that.

In garden news, the flood gates have opened, and we’ve got flowers opening all over the yard.

Knowing Mr. Ink isn’t as big a fan of flowers as I am, I asked him how he felt about all the pops of spring color in the yard. I asked him this because I secretly wanted to plant crocuses all over the front banks, as it looks SO BARE this time of year. Mr. Ink’s response was extremely positive, “My only complaint” he says “Is that there just isn’t ENOUGH of them!” I don’t think he quite realizes that I planted 50 bulbs. And that there are more on the way all the time. And that those 50 bulbs, providing they survive, will create more and more each year. But, I do think there may be a good case for planting them all over the front bank now, since the response was so positive.

We did also spend a little time on yard work yesterday evening. The weather was pleasant though windy. Can you believe we are already having to pull weeds as well? It’s a bit demoralizing to realize that already has to start. But any time in the yard is a good time in the yard I think.

I’ve been on a low carb diet for a solid 3 weeks now, and not feeling too overly annoyed by it. This morning I decided that I really needed to try something new, as I am so sick of eggs for breakfast! I tried soy flour pancakes, assuming I wouldn’t like them at all. I don’t like syrup, so I am not even remotely tempted to add carbs to my low carb pancakes. Well, they weren’t bad at all! They exceeded my expectations immensely. But they are extremely filling, so I’ll be saving that as a treat. It does leave me eager to try a soy flour flat bread recipe I found, so that might become tomorrow’s project.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, that the east coast snow is beginning to melt, and that you, too, are subjected to signs of season change all around you.