The Week

You know, I’ve been admiring what Madgeface of Little Golden Notebook does most weeks. She lists some goals for the week, and then the next week she follows up with what she did on the list, and creates a new list for the upcoming week. While her lists don’t involve me in any way, I really like to read them. I guess there’s something universal about seeing something on a list crossed off! And, there’s a pleasant accountability as well, as she adds notes to the crossed off list items, indicating how that worked out.

The long and short of it is, I want to start doing little lists too! So I am, here’s my first list for the upcoming week.

  • Knit through to the 5th color on Find your Fade shawl
  • Finish spinning the first bobbin of brown luxury batts
  • Begin plying the dyeabolical singles
  • Friday/weekend work on Clue 4 of Marled Mystery
  • Hit step goal at least 3 times during week and once on weekend.
  • Attempt to get in a bike ride around the scheduled rain over the weekend
  • Plant strawberries

Naturally, I cannot at this point post about last week’s goals, but Monday will be fun!

No pictures today. Miss Butterfly was off school yesterday, and I decided to allow her to do laundry. I like doing laundry, mostly. But, I figured if I didn’t have other chores for her, she could do it instead. She did 4 loads, which is about the weekly average for our household of extremely active people. Between work out clothing and gardening clothing, it adds up quickly. When I arrived home, there was still a load in the dryer, done but not brought upstairs. So, I got started on folding my stuff, while asking her to please go get that final load. And she was like “UGH. MOM. I’ve been at the laundry ALL DAY!” Which made me giggle, because does it not occur to her that I do this weekly? Of course not. I think I’ll save laundry for days off again in the future, just to drive home the point! That being said, she did a GREAT job with it all. That was the ONLY complaint about it, and everything was done, and done well, and she made good decisions. “Mom, all that’s left are two towels, and it seems pointless to do them. What would you do?” “Leave them for next week.” I quickly responded and she said “Yeah, that’s what I figured should be done.” Laundry skills, certainly part of life’s lessons. In any case, between all the laundry folding, and kitchen clean up, I didn’t get a find your fade photo. I’ll try for one tonight.

This morning I had to drive the honda to work, as it is involved in the big airbag recall going on right now. I figured I’d leave work early and take it into the dealership. It’s so entirely Mr. Ink’s car now! The seat is so far back, and I won’t even change it because I know how annoying it is to have to get your perfect seat position back. He drove the honda with it in my seat position for years, never changing it. There was a used kleenex on the passenger’s seat, the window was down, heavy metal on the radio. I mean, it’s only been 2.5 months! But, most irritatingly, when I pulled the honda out of the garage, there wasn’t enough fuel in it to get me to work, then to the dealership after work! I am sure it wasn’t even remotely intentional, he hadn’t remembered that I was to take the honda this morning. But, it’s certainly not the thing I want to see when I am rushing off to work at 7 am! On the upside, driving the honda is the ONLY way I get to listen to the new Volbeat album, since it’s been firmly ensconced in the honda cd player since it arrived at our house. And, he did also mention that the dealership would probably try to get me to purchase brake work, and he just checked them,Β he’s got his eye on them, and they’ve got life left in them. I so appreciate those tips when I head to the dealership. (He also likes to see what else they tell me about my car, since he keeps it in perfect condition. He likes to see if a dealership is honest or not. Thus far though, this dealership hasn’t ever asked me to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. It’s got enough approval that it was one we used when we were car hunting in December.)

Meanwhile, I told Mr. Ink that while he had the murano at his dealership, he could go ahead and give it a car wash. He told me “You don’t get to have a washed car WEEKLY you know!” And it’s almost true, I do make him take it in every time he works on a Saturday for a wash. But, I reminded him that’s every 3 weeks rather than weekly, and I thought for sure I can have a car wash after it snowed, and that’s the mess that’s currently ON the car. Furthermore, if he won’t wash it for free at the dealership, I am just going to pay to have it washed. So, really, his choice! (His choice will ALWAYS be free.)

I guess that’s all the talking I can come up with when I don’t have additional photos to add!

One thought on “The Week

  1. lol you are so funny! I get my car washed on Wednesdays because it is cheaper that day – but A doesn’t feel the need, even with a brand new truck! So if I have the truck on a Wednesday I get it cleaned off. We get a free car wash with service, but that is only every 5,000 miles. Is she crazy? This road salt eats cars for breakfast. πŸ™‚ She is good about making sure I have enough gas, though. Good for you, teaching Miss B about the real world. I was about her age when Mom made it one of my jobs to do one load a week – washed, dried, folded, and put away. Now, my friend, please stop reading comments on your blog and go take a photo of your fade for me! πŸ™‚

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