The Week, March 27-April 2

Well, it’s been one week and I’ve done pretty well with my  list. I’ll have to be a bit harder on myself this week.

  • Knit through to the 5th color on Find your Fade shawl
    • Done but just barely. Not even worth a picture yet.
  • Finish spinning the first bobbin of brown luxury batts
    • Done, see below.
  • Begin plying the dyeabolical singles
    • The singles were plied and became yarn
  • Friday/weekend work on Clue 4 of Marled Mystery
    • I knit section 7, but there was a mistake in the first 3 rows. I was also distracted and not counting correctly. Basically fudged the end of the clue and decided to call it good. I knit section 8. No mistakes, counts were perfect. Then I could see where I’d gone wrong in section 7. Yanked all of Section 7 and reknit.
  • Hit step goal at least 3 times during week and once on weekend.
    • Done. By the time I made this list I had to really hustle, since it was to rain all day Friday, and it did.
  • Attempt to get in a bike ride around the scheduled rain over the weekend
    • This most decidedly DID NOT HAPPEN. It was cold, it rained all day Saturday, and on Sunday I decided to spend that time taking a long walk with Miss Butterfly, which counted for Sunday’s step goal as well as more than enough to make up for what I lacked in goal on Saturday.
  • Plant strawberries
    • Now I have 7 strawberry plants. I probably will need to fashion some sort of cage so that we actually get to eat strawberries before wildlife gets to them.

I finished the first bobbin of brown singles.


I was less than inspired to work on these to be honest, but I got it done. I really do not like removing bobbins that are almost done to start a different project, so I pushed through. Then, I worked on the dyeabolical singles in Jo Rides a Motorbike.


Those turned out just fine! 275 yards of sport weight yarn. I really like the richness of these colors together. That was it for the wheel, it’s standing empty at the moment. I am soured enough from pushing through the singles that I am thinking I might do a corespun project to cleanse the palate.

Mr. Ink had a ton of small errands to run this weekend, and I tagged along for all of them. Usually this makes me feel like my weekend is running out too quickly, but I’d also tried something else new. A completely internet free weekend. And that I think I’ll try again. The weekend really did feel longer. One of the errands was finally getting my birthday gift (early December) and his Christmas gift. We found a stovetop that’s easier to clean for me, and an office chair for him. The new office chair has the added bonus of being quite lovely. The stovetop matches not at all, but I am sick to death of cleaning an all white gas stove top with multiple different parts that get gunked up with no easy to clean solution in sight. So that’s a win for me. The stovetop is already installed, while the office chair is still in a box in the basement.

I did a major clean out of my yarn stash, pulling quite a bit of yarn to go to coworker’s bird house project. I gave some stuff I’d dyed myself, and she took one look at it this morning and said “Do you mind if I make something for me?” My response was “Of course not, once it’s in your hands, it’s yours to do with what you please!” The particularly nice part of this destash to her is that now I can fit all my yarn in one 9 cube storage shelving unit. All of it, even my handspun stash. This leaves me two empty book shelves on my bookcase. It also means that my more becoming finished objects than yarn going in stash is working pretty well.

On to the next list:

  • Let’s try for 4 step goals during the week.
  • Resume daily push ups.(I had to quit due to a shoulder injury, but I’ve been injury free for more than a week now.)
  • 30 days of biking begins on Saturday. That means I’ll need two bike rides this weekend.
  • Rearrange furniture in craft room and den of slack.
  • Finish Marled Mystery shawl and DO NOT CAST ON ANOTHER.
  • Work on Find Your Fade. Not making a goal, not sure how long that icord on marled mystery is going to take.
  • Photograph and list on Rav the pile of fiber in living room, then put it away.
  • Establish leftover yardage amounts from yarn used for find your fade, and put that away as well.
  • Spin a little bit.