In the Yard

No knitting posts yet again. I did finish my marled mystery shawl and I got it blocked but it was drying on the floor last evening. It has an insanely large wingspan! I had Miss Butterfly help me with the braid and the tassel, but I stopped at the one tassel. I don’t think I am that into them.

I can show you the progress Mr. Ink is making in the yard. If you are a regular reader, you may remember that Mr. Ink plans to remove a burning bush and a falling retaining wall. Here’s the photo for that:


He’s been digging out dirt around the burning bush for awhile now, as he’s needed it for other projects and we plan to replace the dirt in this garden bed with something more beneficial to vegetables. The other day I went out there, and it looked like this:


The wall is almost gone! And apparently the grass on that bank has also been killed, as this entire area is getting a Mr. Ink makeover. Later, he said “Come look at what I did!” So I wandered out doors and here’s what I was shown:


That is where a very large rain barrel will be installed, with repurposed stone from the leaning retaining wall. He did get that barrel installed last evening, quite late. A good thing too, as it began raining as he wrapped the project up, and it has been raining ever since.

Not too much new in the garden this week. Hyacinths are blooming nicely, crocuses are still blooming, and my funny little flowering quince is about to burst into bloom.

I’ve noticed that there are magnolias blooming all over our little town, so I am thinking a trip to our local botanical gardens is in order this weekend. Next year? I’ll have one in my own yard.

In other news, Miss Butterfly just got braces for the second time in her life. I always expect her to feel awful really, and with the cold and unending rain was ready to tell her we could stay home if she was feeling poorly. But, she got out of there quite pleased and just fine. So, no special care needed. Maybe it was me who needed a day off! Ah well, Friday is JUST around the corner.