This Week April 3-9

Last week’s list:

  • Let’s try for 4 step goals during the week.
  • Resume daily push ups.(I had to quit due to a shoulder injury, but I’ve been injury free for more than a week now.)
    • (Big failure here, I never even tried.)
  • 30 days of biking begins on Saturday. That means I’ll need two bike rides this weekend.
    • Done! Last evening’s bike ride with Miss Butterfly was very short, just around the neighborhood. But we had a great time together!
  • Rearrange furniture in craft room and den of slack.
    • Not even started. But, this task depends a bit on Mr. Ink, and it’s not a project he wanted to tackle.
  • Finish Marled Mystery shawl and DO NOT CAST ON ANOTHER.
    • Even the temptation to cast on another abated after it was done. Maybe in the future, but I’ve got a few WIPs to tide me over.
  • Work on Find Your Fade. Not making a goal, not sure how long that icord on marled mystery is going to take.
    • I got quite far on this one.
  • Photograph and list on Rav the pile of fiber in living room, then put it away.
  • Establish leftover yardage amounts from yarn used for find your fade, and put that away as well.
    • In the end I decided to wait until I was done with the shawl. I tried running the yarn through my yardage meter, but the high tencel content leaves so little resistance that I cannot get it to register. Math skills will be involved in this project. Best to do it all at once.
  • Spin a little bit.
    • So very little. But I did it.


There’s the latest fade photo. This is the last one I’ll take before the photo is of a finished object. I actually only have 10 rows left now and then a bind off. I was hoping not to break into my second little skein of the final color but it’s not looking good. I’ll probably have to haul it out during the bind off itself.

We had quite an evening around our place. Mr. Ink began the evening working on his fish tanks. He managed to break one of his prized driftwood pieces while downsizing some overgrown plants. Then, he carefully kept back some aquarium plants for a friend, and tried shoving the rest of them down the garbage disposal.

This garbage disposal really can’t handle much at all. I mean, within the first few days of living there, I’d killed it with potato peels. Mr. Ink suggested that next time I just put fewer peels down it at a time, but I decided better safe than sorry, and have thrown them out ever since. Recently, I decided that carrot peels should be ok, so I very carefully put them down the disposal a little at a time. I almost killed it again, and I became quite worried we were going to have to take it apart again. But that time I was able to keep it working.

Well, as Miss Butterfly and I were heading out for our little bike ride in the neighborhood, Mr. Ink says “I think I killed it!” Upon our return he asked if we had any drano. I told him we did not, and that I really would prefer if he’d just take the thing apart. I lived in a rental home for 8.5 years with plumbing the land lady would never fix properly, and the only solution was to use drano frequently. I know it isn’t great for pipes anyhow, and I’ve spent more money than I ever wanted to on the stuff. I don’t like it! Mr. Ink said “Taking it apart is what I am trying to avoid!” I shrugged my shoulders.

Mr. Ink took the disposal apart. Then asked for my flexible plastic drain clearer. I gave that to him. He began clearing out the disposal, and then decided to send it down the trap. It popped right out of the bottom of the trap! He’d made a sizable hole with a flexible plastic drain clearer. And that is when he said “Well, that’s fortuitous. That was bound to happen at some point in the near future, and this way we don’t have a leak under the sink we aren’t aware of! as he attempted to make a stop gap measure with epoxy and duct tape. Miss Butterfly and I grabbed the dirty dishes and the dish bins, and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

I did tease him a bit about how everything he touches was breaking that evening. And I am a little grumpy that yet another bike ride with friends (tonight) will be impossible due to an emergency. On the other hand, I don’t have dirty rotten sink water under my sink causing problems while I am unaware. So, tonight is for plumbing. We seem to be at that point in home ownership where every weekend something breaks. Last weekend it was the main toilet flushing system, it would stay open and run water constantly if you didn’t go back in and lift it up. This week, kitchen sink drain.

List for the upcoming week:

  • Resume daily push ups.
  • Rearrange furniture in craft room and den of slack
  • Finish Find Your Fade
  • Establish leftover yardage amounts from yarn used for find your fade
  • Work on Big Waffle, get into next color at least
  • Spin a little
  • Ride Bike Every Day!
  • Work on something from the master list of house projects
  • Commute to work by bike one time this week