Now Orange

I finished Find Your Fade last night! Of course, with the blocking of it, I have no photos. But, I am wearing it today, and I am thrilled with it. If it’s not raining when I get home, you’ll get to see a pretty fabulous finished object.

In the meantime, here are more batts I created over the weekend.


I’ve got over 8 ounces of this color. I started with two fibers in “aztec gold” my absolute favorite dye color. 2 ounces of bfl/silk and 2 ounces of grey romney. Then I put all my add ins together, keeping within the orange/grey/brown theme. Once the first batt went through, I looked at my dyed fiber stash, decided the color on the batt wasn’t yet complex enough, and grabbed a bright orange to divide up and add in to the batts. And with that, I  was happy.

Miss Butterfly and I headed out on our fourth bike ride of our 30 day challenge. That kid, she has no respect for hills. And while I am aware I am going to bike hills when biking from out my back door, I still try to manage finding the easier route. When biking with Miss Butterfly, I mostly let her choose the route. This finds us going down very steep hills, which is fun, only to have her turn around and want to go right back up that hill. That being said, one of the reasons I haven’t taken her down to the trail is that I am never sure she’s going to be happy handling the very large and long hill back up to the house. I mean, I LIKE hills and it makes me a little grumpy every time I see it. We did it yesterday and she powered up that hill like nobody’s business. So, her desire to take the trail to a local park on Thursday should be completely doable. I think that’s a route we’ll take as a family. Again, it wasn’t a long ride yesterday, but it was hilly.

So, when I had the opportunity to go rollerskating, which I took, my legs were already exhausted! As soon as I got on my skates I could feel all the hills I’ve been doing daily. Nevertheless, we had a nice time skating, and I also love it because it’s good exercise, still manages to count as steps, albeit a lot more slowly, and certainly seems to work muscles I don’t typically work. Plus, since we’ve done it pretty regularly over the past year or so, I feel pretty confident and am not constantly worried I will fall and break something.

Now that I am finished with Find Your Fade, I am struggling to find my interest in the two shawls I have on the needles. I think it may be because Find Your Fade was a lovely knit, but an easy knit. Endless garter stitch punctuated by easy but uninteresting lace detail. Don’t get me wrong, this type of knitting absolutely has its place. However, I pulled out the Big Waffle shawl and put in a few rows on that and found myself completely disinterested. Probably because it’s endless basket weave. So, I am feeling a case of startitis, but am hoping to head it off at the pass with some quality time spent on the more complicated Lighter than Perfume lacework. Or spinning. I guess I could do some spinning. But, it’s going to be tough to keep my eye off my queue right now!

Happy Wednesday friends, halfway through the work week now, and I am looking forward to a nice weekend!



2 thoughts on “Now Orange

  1. Everyday you show us these amazing BATTS. So pretty pretty pretty. I gave up on my shawl with the cotton linen. I didnt like the knit 2 tog because it is hard on my hands. So the yarn waits. I have teddy bears to knit anyhow!! Gotta keep myself knit happy

  2. Finished Fade! Something to be proud of. I know you have posted photos of it, I will go look at them in a minute.

    Meanwhile more gorgeous batts! Are you insanely proud of them all? You should be. 🙂

    I haven’t gone roller skating in years – here’s how long – I have never used inline skates. But I used to love it. I know skating does use different muscles, I remember that much from ice skating, too. The way you push off to the side works different thigh muscles than does biking. When I was a kid, we combined biking and skating – one kid rode the bike, the other kid (on skates) hung on to the rear baskets, and let go on a sharp curve. Dangerous as all get out, long before there were helmets, and oh so much fun! I am glad you got to go, but don’t know how you find the energy to do so much after work!

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