Find Your Fade


With my fantastic model!


And one on its own. The tencel is indeed heavy, but the shawl is large enough that this makes it drape nicely and stay put, rather than be fussy. I am, overall, highly pleased with this knit. It turned out beautifully, feels soft, looks rich, and has so much interest in it’s odd construction. I am glad I added this surprise yarn and pattern combo to my year of trying to knit mostly from stash.

I was so tired last evening. I mean, we’ve been going full force for a couple days, with very little downtime. That’s not my ideal really. Miss Butterfly and I got a short bike ride in before her dad picked her up. And by short, I MEAN it. My legs were exhausted from the combo of daily biking hills and then rollerskating the night before. I was also just plain TIRED.

After the bike ride, I settled in on the couch but couldn’t even knit. Miss Butterfly left, and I closed my eyes for a nap, but then Mr. Ink got home earlier than usual. And what did he suggest for an evening activity? A bike ride. I looked at him and turned up my nose at that suggestion. He decided he’d go ride alone. I began to knit a bit but soon found my eyes closing yet again. I let them. Only to quickly be interrupted by Miss Butterfly texting me about her pokemon game. So, a nap was clearly out of the question.

I knit about half a repeat on the lighter than perfume shawl before castonitis completely took over, then I balled up this yarn:


And I began a cape out of it. Now, the pattern I am using is for super bulky yarn. And this is Just bulky. I had to go down a couple needle sizes, which meant I had to increas the number of stitches needed as well. I’ve got it on the needles while not being quite sure it’ll fit well in the end. If it doesn’t fit me, it will fit Miss Butterfly though. Not sure she’d wear a cape, but maybe? We’ll see. I guess, in the end, I am back to knitting just to knit.

In the end, even knitting in the quiet home couldn’t keep me awake. I went to bed early, quite soon after Mr. Ink headed out for some grocery shopping. And I slept SO well. I am again just waiting for that weekend to arrive!

5 thoughts on “Find Your Fade

  1. Ahh, I knew it would be beautiful! Really very pretty, as is the model. That was worth getting new yarn and knitting away for ages, wasn’t; it?

    And the nap – after the last post, when I said I didn’t know how you do it, I see you do it the same way I do – go until you crash, then crash! This week I have had a cold – Monday and Wednesday I went home at 1, went to bed, got up for supper, watched the news (knit of course) and was in bed by 7 asleep by 7:02. Tuesday I stayed home, never got going, and today I will be here all day. Blogging at lunch should hopefully keep me awake… we have no place for a nice nap.

    • Yep, that does sum me up pretty well. Go until crash hits. Unfortunately, I’ve had about a year of mostly crash and not much go, in the sense that work has been so crazy that I haven’t really felt like myself. But, yes, this week has felt more like normal, and I hope it sticks around a bit!

      I am so sorry to hear about your cold. I find them exhausting, not just because I have a cold, but just…mentally exhausting. It is highly annoying to not feel like getting done that which you might expect to. I hope you are now well on the mend!

      • thanks! This cold really was short, thank heavens. After last Octobers cold-mageddon, I am afraid when I get a sniffle. I hope that work calms down and stays calmed down. yo have stuff to get done!

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