When I began the Lintilla shawl out of Miss Marja’s handspun, I knew I had a really large amount of yardage so I knew the shawl would be big. Knowing this, I brought it to work even though I would not typically bring to work a project that requires one to weigh the remaining skein to figure out when to begin the edging.

I knit and knit and knit during work breaks, quite happily enjoying the way the yarn was knitting up. At some point I looked at it and said “Yep, that’s getting large!” But I would say “Just to the end of this work break” and then forget to bring it home and weigh the skein.

Once I did weigh the skein, I realized I had far less than the 25% required for the edging. However, I’ve fudged that number pretty hard in the past, so I was willing to give it a try rather than ripping back out. There was a time there that I really felt like I was going to make it! Spoiler-I didn’t make it.


You can see at the top right that I have only a few stitches left to finish, but I ran out of yarn. Ooof. Despite knowing this was the likely outcome, I still felt like I’d have to let this hibernate for a long while before I started again. But, after an evening of biking and mowing lawn, I was ready to sit down and do the mindless work of frogging and picking up live stitches. I’ve already begun again.

In biking news, Miss Butterfly and I headed out on a quick ride due to the many yard chores needing to be done while the weather was pleasant. We rode down to a local park, rode around the park, and then headed back another way. We were riding over some quiet roads with narrow streets and no sidewalks. I am teaching Miss Butterfly to ride roads from time to time so she can be confident with it, since often doing so is actually safer. As we were riding these narrow roads, we heard an SUV come up behind us, it was revving it’s engine and I could hear it going way too fast for the area. I couldn’t tell if it was driving aggressively because of us, or if that’s just how that person operates. It’s common here and probably most other places to encounter cruel car drivers who believe it’s their sole purpose to scare people on bikes. This SUV passed us quite fast, and then I heard a police siren. I thought “It cannot be that the cops are after the SUV that just passed, could it? That would be too wonderful.” But it was true, the cop passed us, and pulled that SUV over. I don’t know if the traffic stop was due to us or previous bad behavior, but it’s always nice to feel vindicated when one is following the rules of the road by bike. We didn’t figure we wanted to try to pass the SUV even with the cop there, so we headed up a different road and went home.

My 3 ply yarn from the brown batts is done and dry!


That’s 615 yards of I’d be willing to guess DK weight yarn. Sport to DK. It’s good and chunky but even enough to easily work into a project. It’s got a lot of fantastic depth in color yet retains the overall earth tone nature of the original batts. I am quite pleased!

I am taking two days off to spend extra time with Miss Butterfly. She’s off school and so we have many errands planned, a sleep over with a friend, and I keep planning a bunch of chores. I mention this only to say I think I am going to try an internet free vacation. Doing so for a weekend was so helpful in feeling more relaxed and as if I had more hours in the day. I would promise to take lots of pictures for next week, but it looks like it may just rain the entire time in which case pictures may be mostly impossible. In any case, have a great rest of your week, and I’ll do my blog post catching up early next week!