Since I’ve been unsuccessful thus far in staying off the internet, I figured I’d get a quick post in. There was just unexpectedly a little too much going on last evening to put the phone down and leave it. I’ll try again later today.

In the meantime, I can show off the Lintilla shawl! It’s done. I rocked that edging awfully hard the past two evenings.


I am thrilled with it! I love how the touches of colored silk wander diagonally through the shawl. And I really do find the ruffles on this so charming. A good success and well chosen pattern for the yarn, I think.

We are headed off on a bike ride, Miss Butterfly and I. And we’ve got a full day of chores planned after that. Mr. Ink and I put my pink fatbike back together last night after the massive tire blow out, only to discover that my tire is toast. Even patched, it won’t hold together enough to ride. The tube is fine, but the tire has a large hole in it. On our list of things to do today is to take that wheel into the bike shop and find a new tire. Perhaps even one that’s a little more capable of handling abuses.

Have a great weekend all!