Some Band

Last evening, Mr. Ink wanted to go see a band. A band I didn’t know, but he loves and was surprised they’d come to our area. Quite frankly, the entry into my day planner was “some band Mr. Ink likes.” He’d tried to get me quite interested ahead of time, showing me youtube videos and so on. I didn’t think I’d hate the show, but I wasn’t super excited either. Thankfully, I was more than willing to be out, so that helped. The band turned out to be pretty good! Kind of a garage band punk feel to them, and it was very loud. Mr. Ink found them to be way better than he’d even imagined. All in all a good evening out, and I suspect my good mood was in part due to having recently had a little extra time off to be at home.

I believe I promised to show off some corespun yarn I finished during my time off.


I don’t think corespinning is something I am overly good at, I always seem to get too much twist going on in the core. However, I really love the way it turns out anyhow, and haven’t hated that which I knit out of corespun yarn. I mean, it’s all meant to be a bit nutty right? I do sometimes see people who make super smooth corespuns, and I am not entirely sure how they do that but I suspect they do NOT start with a wild chunky batt and a bunch of dyed wool locks. Which is what I was working with. I ended up with 205 yards of this, and I am considering another one of these scarves:


This just alternates commercial laceweight rows with corespun rows on big needles. It’s easy, and the results are fun and dramatic. I wear the above scarf so regularly during the winter. It’s also a great way to use up laceweight stash that I’ve completely failed to use over the years even though at one time I was REALLY into knitting lace.

That’s about it from around here. Not much time for spinning last evening due to the show. I got up a little early this morning and put in some time on the singles. I’ve got a tiny handful of fluff left but couldn’t quite find the time to finish it up before work. I’ll quickly finish tonight and get a photo of the two bobbins of singles. Maybe I’ll even get some plying done after a bike ride with Miss Butterfly.