Garden Views

Things are really starting to move in the garden. I mean, we’ve had warm pleasant weather and lots of rain. Ideal growing conditions. Which means great results with flowers, and unfortunately, also great results with weeds. Here’s some updates:


I bought this bleeding heart last year. I planted it on the north side of our house, but the soil there is awful. It just didn’t do well at all. So, I moved it partway through the year to the north side of the shop. It is already this year about where it was when I planted it last year. Meaning that last year it died back really badly. But, it has survived, and must like it’s new home.


I got this plant from a friend last year. It stayed green all winter, and has spread considerably. I didn’t really know what it was. This is the first flower, and my flower ID app says it’s a creeping buttercup. Which is….basically a weed in this area. Meaning, once it’s established, it’s really hard to get rid of. But, it’s so green and pretty! I am having a hard time saying no to it. I may dig some up and put it on the north side of the house where the soil is poor and I desperately want ground cover, that way if it spreads I won’t mind, and if it dies, I won’t mind.


Check out these lilacs! The neighbors have 5 lilacs that hang over our fence line. I like to say this means we have lilacs too, until I think about the other stuff that hangs over our fence line creating actual problems. Like, volunteer black walnut trees, volunteer paper mulberries, and volunteer chokecherries. Meaning that we spend a LOT of time during the year yanking volunteer seedlings from these trees out of our yard and garden. That being said, these also provide a nice addition to the fence line, keeping extra privacy between the two homes. Mr. Ink is working to fill in the privacy gaps with what he’d call more appropriate trees.

In spinning, I spent less than 5 minutes spinning to finish up my singles and grab a photo:


I then took a nap. Being out late at that show had me worn out more than expected. I was having trouble driving home without falling asleep! Then I began my plying project.


These colors, even though they aren’t “my” colors, are fantastic together. I am really loving the resulting yarn. The fractal spin was a perfect choice for the colorway, as everything looks pretty nice together. Though I find the lime green plied with bright pink maybe slightly less than awesome. However, that’s just a small portion of the project. I suspect I am about halfway through the plying of this one.

30 days of biking and a highly recognizable pink fatbike has yet another unexpected advantage. Last night Miss Butterfly and I made a new acquaintance. Actually, we met an entire family. Now, a few days ago I was riding pinkie up a hill in the neighborhood with Mr. Ink in the lead. I was, naturally, struggling up that hill. I got to the top of the hill where there was a stop sign and stopped. Some guy in a car coming the other way was also stopped, and hollered out of the car window at me. But, it was nice hollering. “I like your bike! Is it hard to ride? Are you doing 30 days of biking?!”

Yesterday, Miss Butterfly and I headed out on our bikes over to the park. On the little trail through the park, there was a man pushing a stroller with 10 month old twins. He said “Hey! I saw you the other day, riding up a hill!” I was like “Hey wait, are you the guy hollering from the vehicle?” “Yep, that was me!” he replied. We stopped, admired his twins, chatted with him, he showed us pictures of his older kids and his wife. Miss Butterfly recognized the older kids from school last year. He proudly showed us a picture of him taken last year, 175 pounds heavier, and mentioned that he’d done 30 days of biking last year for the first time, it was his start to biking regularly. He told us where he lived and how he bikes late at night because with 4 kids there’s no time until they all get to bed. Then, his wife dropped by, and his kids dropped by and we met the entire family. Very nice people.

We got home and told Mr. Ink about it. I said “He was VERY talkative. But in a friendly and kind way.” Miss Butterfly immediately agreed. “Yep, not creepy at all.”

It was a very good day.

One thought on “Garden Views

  1. Lilacs. You have *lilacs*? We get ours for Memorial Day without fail. Sigh.

    My forsythia looks a little closer to blooming every day. I haven’t even looked for my bleeding heart!

    But I can knit and spin and admire yours, too. I like those bright colors! I know I rarely wear them, but they are so cheerful and spring-like. I am sure you will find something fun to make with that yarn, even if it isn’t for you, lol.

    I love the bike story – what a nice way to meet people. Not creepy.

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