Intention Vs. Reality

I had it all arranged. I brought two changes of clothing to work yesterday, along with my lunches for two days. I packed my bike bag with an extra tire tube, and all the things I’d need to fix a flat. I packed my wallet and my work ID in the bag. I put an ear warmer and an extra jacket and full fingered gloves in there for the morning. I filled my water bottle and charged my lights and got all of that on the bike in preparation for a work commute this morning. I intended to remove any and all excuses for not doing it. I intended to commute to work by bike.

And then? I slept through my alarm. So did Mr. Ink. The reality is, by the time I woke up, all ability to commute to work by bike flew right out the window. I guess I try again tomorrow.

Last evening I did manage to finish up my bright two ply yarn, but it’s still drying so I’ll have to get back to that. However, I’ve been working on a little project that interests me but I haven’t posted a picture yet. I decided to make the Venetian Blind cape/capelet. I used my 6 ply yarn combo recently finished. But, I needed to go down in needle size, and thus up in number of stitches. I have a feeling this will be better suited for a younger person. Miss Butterfly if she wants it. But, maybe with a bit of blocking it’ll be ok. In any case, half the fun was trying out the yarn and that I managed to achieve.


I’ve got a bit more to go on this and the going has been a bit slower since I seem to have had a serious uptick in gardening and spinning. And bike riding of course. But, it’s pretty and rich and mindless so I have been picking it up here and there to work on it in all the in between spaces.

In garden news, my long awaited black parrot tulips have made an appearance. I planted these with the blush tulips in hopes they’d come up at the same time. No luck. But, I am still thrilled with them.


Please excuse the mess of this garden. This is my rose of sharon garden that we worked so hard on last year. We really REALLY should have mulched it well last year, but we didn’t. I wanted to keep working on it and we never got around to it. We are paying for that this year. Also of note, everything we assumed we’d fully pulled out of that garden is back. INCLUDING the 50 year old rose that barely produced blooms but was misplaced as it desperately wanted to climb something. I thought I got it all. You can see one of the shoots in this picture, lower left corner. There are 3 shoots coming up. I think I’ll leave them be and see what happens. There’s also a nasty vine I can’t seem to get rid of trying to climb the trunk of the rose of sharon, and both 50 year old peonies we tried to remove and place elsewhere are back. They are back, and they are elsewhere. So, all we did was divide them. And I’ve decided to just let them exist in both places. I think at this point my plan with this garden is to take it a chunk at a time. I’ll take a section of plant, yank back the weeds, and then mulch around that plant. Then move on to the next section when I feel like it. Rather than trying to do it all at once and feeling completely irritable and overwhelmed.

I am thankful for this upcoming weekend, it’s to be a comfortable temp, with no rain predicted. Hopefully that’ll mean quite a lot will get done around the yard.

2 thoughts on “Intention Vs. Reality

  1. Great great yarn pattern match! I LOVe the capelet .
    Gardening has to be done in smallish chunks for me too. This is the wait and watch year. We don’t KNOW what we have! So far daffodils, hyacinth have bloomed. Looks like we will have iris, stonecrop, day lilies. There are tulips but they have not bloomed. BUshes are still mystery.
    Your bike will be there! You must haveneeded the sleep!

  2. interesting pattern, and lovely yarn. I can see why you keep at it. 🙂

    The garden – sigh. The reason things live to be 50 is because they are tough. Your plan of digging and mulching is a good one, it will get done eventually. I bet the rose and peony do well now that they have been divided, lol.

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