The Sunrise

Guys! I did it! I woke up very early, and rode my bike to work, and got to watch the sun come up while I was at it. It was lovely! It took me exactly 1 hour from my doorstep to the bike rack at work on the fatbike. This means next time I can move my leave the house time back another 15 minutes. Somehow, 15 minutes makes ALL the difference at 5:30 a.m. ┬áIn fact, pushing my wake up time to 5:45 means that I’d be waking up at the same time I often do when not biking to work.

This morning I was so nervous about missing out on the morning ride that I woke up before 5. So, I actually got coffee and knitting time in before I left. I think the hot coffee kept me warm in the 45F weather. My toes are a bit cold, but other than that I was ok. The ride home should be a pleasant 65F, so I’ve got no worries at all about the afternoon ride.


Check this out! That’s 760 yards of fingering weight 2 ply! It may end up being one that ends up wound and on the needles in short order. There’s just something about those bright colors that calls to me. I showed it off to Mr. Ink last evening and he agreed that it really does resemble a yarn dyed with candy buttons.

While plying this handspun, my brain was already on to my next handspun project. I decided that after watching so many others do one of those 3 braids of different colorway combos, it was my turn.


This is what I picked out. On top, Iris You Were Here from Dyeabolical yarns, Peacock from The Dyeing Arts in the middle, and Gypsy Soul from The Yarn Wench at the bottom. After I took the photograph, I divided all the braids into smaller color sections, set two of the colorways aside, and began on the middle color. I am going for a fingering weight 3 ply, so I am spinning very thin, and the project may take quite a bit of time.

Our front bank is looking quite charming this spring, our rock alyssum is blooming nicely all of a sudden, and Mr. Ink cut back the dead stuff on all the spirea. With the spirea beginning to grow again, the bank is fairly tidy, neatly trimmed, and getting colorful. So, I took some photos for you. Charming photos. Except that when I went to post them, I realized an errant piece of newspaper had flown into the photo, ruining the shot. So, I’ll try again tonight!