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Popping my head up on the other side of a stressful grant situation. I had one due on Wednesday, it was one I’ve never done before, and we ended up pushing it until quite late. At one point, we were still waiting on information from one participant, even though all our other documents were gathered. I was told “Well, I haven’t heard from him.” And I basically said “It’s time to take to the internet, see what we can find, and make something up ourselves, because we are in danger of doing all this work for nothing.” And that’s what we did. Desperate times and all.

I got home Wednesday evening, late, and quite mentally exhausted. Fell asleep on the couch, and then once I woke up, really knew I didn’t want to do anything. So, I finished the Venetian Blind cape, soaked and blocked that, and then finished the Lighter Than Perfume stole. I didn’t block that, it would have been way too much work. But, it was satisfying to have an evening of getting stuff off the needles.

Last evening also felt like a finishing evening, as I blocked the stole, and then had Miss Butterfly pick out a great vintage button for her cape, and attached it. I was tired, and didn’t really want to grab a photo, but I did anyhow. Miss Butterfly chose the knitwear model shot, all I did was snap a photo.


It’s pretty fantastic, her shot set up as well as the cape! I must be honest, I don’t know if she’ll wear that cape or not, though she didn’t take it off immediately when she got back indoors. It does fit me as well, so if she doesn’t perhaps I will.

I am glad I got that photo though, as it looks like it’ll just be raining for the next 4 days. My photo taking opportunities may be less than ideal, few and far between. It also means a pretty tough end to 30 days of biking. I guess I’ll get my rain badge?


This is what our kitchen/dining room looks like at the moment. This is what happens when you’ve got two gardeners in the house who absolutely CANNOT manage to wait until all chance of frost is over. We had to bring in all the hanging baskets and potted plants due to very low temps overnight. They’ve been indoors for 2 nights, (There are 3 more hanging baskets elsewhere) and the weekend has a couple more pretty low temp nights in store for us. I suspect these will go out during the day, but back in at night for a bit. A little extra work, yes, but I am also hoping it means a head start on a growing season.

In other crafty news, I finished spinning the yarn wench singles, and began on the dyeabolical singles for my 3 braid combo spin. I am about 1/4 of the way through those. And goodness, that Iris You Were Here is a gorgeous colorway, I’ll be getting more of that!  I began one of those irritating messy bun hats for Miss Butterfly who will likely use it regularly in the winter. I am about halfway done with it, but I am not quite sure it’s big enough. If it isn’t, I’ll evaluate and begin again. It’s been a pretty quick project. I also began another shawl out of commercial yarn. It’s one I’ve knit before, the Lillia Hyrna out of Knitters Book of Wool. I brought the cotton slub yarn Big Waffle to work, as it wasn’t seeing much knitting time. It still isn’t, I’ve had lots of skip lunch days but it should, in the future, see some more.

That’s about it for around here, when it’s busy, I treasure the weeks that aren’t “exciting.” And that’s exactly what we’ve had this week. Not exciting, but busy.

2 thoughts on “Knitwear Model

  1. Sorry the grant writing was so awful – why do people ignore requests from grantwriters? Where do they think the money for their work comes from? Drives me nuts!

    The cape is lovely, and I think she will wear it, it looks so great on her! can’t wait to see your other finishes. 🙂

    I hope the weekend is good to you, and the weather isn’t; too cold and rainy. 🙂

  2. I love the cape photo. You deserve a big rest and ride this weekend. You have been so busy. . I gave up on my indoor lupine and it seems fine in the soil outside despite the dip in temps. They are in the pea family and peas like cold……so that’s working out nice

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