A Marathon Project

I blame the rain for the ability to finish my 3 braid combo spin. Even though I was out of the house for most of the day on Saturday.

Here’s my in progress photo from the weekend:


This is the third braid, Iris You Were Here from Dyeabolical Yarns. So, all together:

And I plied and plied and plied on Saturday evening and all day Sunday.


Shall we take a closer look?


I genuinely believe that the best of all three braids shows through. I cannot believe the number of different color combos I got on this spin, and the way the colors played together was just amazing. I am sorry I didn’t have an opportunity to count yardage yet, but I am so ridiculously happy with this spin, I hope it makes something amazing!

This was one of those weekends that it rained so hard that there was some serious boredom and wandering going on around our house. Sometimes chores were done out of boredom, meaning I just couldn’t sit at the wheel or with knitting anymore. Our grass has grown by leaps and bounds with no ability to do anything about it because it never dries out. This week is likely to be a bit busy in the evenings. Mostly, I’d just like our outdoor plants to go back outdoors!! Thankfully that looks hopeful after today.

4 thoughts on “A Marathon Project

  1. The braiding is perfection Lady! We had a ton of rain too. Fireman and I are just bundling up to head out for a walk . We are hoping for find dry sidewalk somewhere! I hope to put all of Zach’s plants outside later this week. I have one plant I shove in the basement of mine and pull out for summer. It is almost time. I tell it to hang on just a bit more in the basement darkness

  2. OMG!!! I love this! It reminds me of what happened when I plied three unrelated braids together – it made amazing pretty colors. I can’t wait to see how yours knits up. I might only spin this way, it just is like wonderful chemical reactions. πŸ™‚

    Sorry about the rain, though. We had a nice weekend, but now it is going to rain forever.

    Did you get your 30 days of biking in?

    • It is absolutely addicting, and I’d so spin this way again. I don’t actually have enough braids in my stash to do it again though.

      I completed 30 days of biking, landing myself at just over 145 miles for the month. That seems ridiculously low to someone like me who used to do 30-50 miles in an evening. However, it’s way more than I have been doing recently, so it’s a win!

      • not enough braids – I know! I have been stockpiling braids with purples and blues in them for my next combo spin. I would like to have enough for a sweater, and I plan to just break them all up randomly, fill the bobbins and then ply, see what I get. It could be great or it could be awful, but only time will tell. πŸ™‚

        Glad you were able to finish the 30 days – I think that was a great way to get back in the cycling groove for the good weather. And you moved every single day, that is great! I tend to come home, do the household necessities, then sit and knit or spin. And especially on these rainy days. Then when I start doing yard work in earnest, I pay for it, I am so sore at first! I should do a “rake for 30 days” challenge, lol.

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