This Week, May 1-7

I had to keep a personal list off the table until work could straighten out a bit again. With two huge due dates done and dusted, it’s time to get back to it. It was one of those weeks where I’d work late, then work from home, even though that’s not “allowed.” It was just my reality anyhow. It’s still busy, but not with the looming deadlines that we had last week. So, now I get to make a list.

  • Commute by bike two more times this week. (I did so this morning, it was glorious.)
  • Get to the yarn shop, get more yarn for Mr. Ink’s socks, and complete them. (I am tired of looking at them, I want them off the needles.)
  • Get all the plants that are waiting to be planted into the ground. (Pretty sure we just finished the final cold snap of the season.)
  • Start scraping paint around garage door.
  • MOW!
  • Commit to half hour of house chores in the evenings. Set timer for it. (This has worked in the past, and I often would work longer than the timer ran for. This time of year it’s too easy for me to just work on outdoor chores, leaving inside to languish while I feel underlying irritation about the state of the house.

That’s it from here! I don’t have any photos, but I will have one tomorrow, as I finished a couple small projects. Have a great week!