At Her Request

Miss Butterfly decided she needed some hats that accounted for her rather long ponytail. What she doesn’t appreciate is her ponytail laying on the back of her neck when wearing a normal hat. With all the messy bun hats lately, I figured I could probably make her something that would work for her. She was on board with this idea, even though it’s too late in the season to wear them this year.

I let her into my yarn stash and showed her a bunch of appropriate handspun yarns for the project. She chose this one:


It’s a fun choice, but it’s also a very long gradient from yellow into turquoise. She liked the turquoise best. I began with the yellow, but didn’t make it into the turquoise. So, I ended up making her two hats. One I knit according to pattern, though I used size 6 needles for the body of the hat after the ribbing, and the other I allowed a bit of a larger ponytail opening. The pattern I used was called, simply, ponytail hat.

She decided that a goofy face was in order for these pictures, and it was funny enough I couldn’t resist snapping the shots anyhow. I think these should keep her nice and warm next cold season. They were also great fun to knit, the cable braid added interest and they were super fast due to the worsted weight yarn. Also of note, one of the reasons I really hate knitting hats is the decreasing at the top of the head. I get annoyed with it, and it always hurts my hands. These have only 2 decrease rows, which I can totally handle. Part of me wants to knit 10 more of these ponytail hats. But, I guess that would be excessive.