A Start

I had mentioned recently that I planned to knit my boss (and friend) a shawl, due to her often borrowing mine at work. Once the idea was in my head, I was eager to get started even though I had quite a few projects on the needles already. To be honest, it actually really helped me begin to draw a bunch of those projects to a close, not allowing myself to start the new shawl until they were done.

I did manage to get out to the yarn shop to get more yarn for Mr. Ink’s socks, which is the one additional project I desperately wanted to finish before I began the shawl. However, it took me awhile to get there and I had completely run out of yarn for the socks before I did so. Which means, I began the shawl.


This is yarn from my stash, naturally. The pattern is Lillia Hyrna from Knitter’s Book of Wool. I have knit the pattern before, and that’s the shawl my boss borrows.


I am playing fast and loose with the colors on the new shawl, since I’ve got limited yarn amounts, and both cannot and do not want to buy more. Meaning, the yarn is from a now defunct dyer, and I don’t have any interest in trying to acquire more in a more complicated manner. So, what I have will have to do.

It seems to be moving along quite quickly, though this might be that deceiving start to the triangle shawl. In any case, it really hits the mindless knitting desire, and I am quite enjoying it. Easy to pick up and put down, during a time when I tend to be focusing outdoors. I suspect I’ll want to start something a little more complicated as well, something lace from my queue, but this is working for now. And it’ll certainly work at least until Mr. Ink’s socks are done, which should be tonight.

3 thoughts on “A Start

  1. I cant believe she takes your shawll! That’s kind of funny! I love that you are kind enough to knit one for her!!! Shawls are amazing gifts because they always wrap the recipient in love

    • Well, to be fair, I offer her my shawl. She has RA, and sometimes I can see she’s cold, and also in so much pain that her suit jacket hurts. So I offer up my shawl and she looks so grateful.

  2. I love that you are doing this for her – and what soft lovely colors so far. 🙂 Aren’t triangle shawls a tease? They start off so fast that you think “I can whip this out in no time” and then you hit the 400 stitch rows and scream to a slow crawl. But they are so worth it. I hope you have enough yarn – well, I know you will because you will either find something else lovely in stash or stop when you run out. But I hope you have enough to make it what you want it to be. 🙂 And I am glad the LYS had the yarn for Mr. Ink’s socks. Get those off the needles and on his feet!

    Can’t wait to see what lace thing you come up with to counteract this one, though. I have 5 WIPs right now, and unheard of number for me. (One is a hat that lives in my bag – I need to wrap that up this week so the socks I started Monday can be in the bag instead. ) Two are plain stockinette big projects, so I do, of course, have a lovely lacey beaded shawl on the needles as well. 🙂 Gotta have one that requires paying attention, right?

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