They may be called support spindles for a reason, but this week I am taking a new meaning to that word. These spindles are supporting me through a crazy week. They are making my evenings relaxing and bearable after some crazy days.


I am now onto the second batt and third spindle.

The fiber is one of my own creation that I drum carded recently.


It is, quite frankly, a LOT of fiber, especially for support spindles. But, I am also approaching it as if there’s no rush, just for relaxation purposes. So, while it may take some time to get through all that fiber, I don’t feel like I need an end in sight either.

I mentioned that I’d be taking more pictures of the current blooming peony. Yesterday I came home to take a look around the yard. The peony has so many more flowers open!


Looks like I’ve got another plant encroaching on that peony, I’ll have to take care of that. I have noticed that particular peony is powdery mildew prone when it’s stuffed in with other plants.

We are headed to a members only plant sale at our local botanical garden tonight, and we are quite excited about it. They gave us a list of what they’d have in stock, and there’s quite a few of the things that we plan to have on it, so we are excited to pick up some of the plants on the long term perennial list.

Mr. Ink got a rhododendron in last night, it’s another of the plants on my personal wish list and I am very excited about it. We keep having this argument about rhododendron. He’ll tell me he sees them in the neighborhood, he’ll point them out, and I’ll say “That doesn’t look like a rhododendron.” Now, it may be. But, it’s not what I personally picture when I think rhododendron. Then, he bought me what he called a rhododendron. A red one. And, while it was very nice of him, it wasn’t what I wanted, and it certainly did NOT look like a rhododendron. To me. He then started calling it a red azalea, and he returned it to the store. So, we finally had a discussion as to what *I* envision when I say rhododendron. I said “Woody plant, HUGE shiny green oval leaves. Preferably purple or magenta flowers.” So, Mr. Ink set out to find the perfect rhododendron with the biggest shiniest oval leaves, in the perfect color. He got me a Pearce’s American Beauty, it showed up yesterday, and it is amazing. Ridiculously dramatic. It’s about to bloom, so there may be photos. Though, the rich magenta color is going to be very hard to photograph with my phone camera.

That’s about it from me! I’ve been working on my huge big waffle shawl at work, and I realized that I haven’t photographed it at all recently. So, I am going to do that today. I have come a very long way from when I last took a photo so hopefully that’ll be interesting. Happy Friday!

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