I brought home my Big Waffle shawl done in various colors of cotton slub yarn, as I am now on the last color and it’s been awhile since I grabbed a photo. I’ve had this one at work to knit on during work breaks. Here’s where it was last time I showed it off, ages ago now, before Find Your Fade and the Westknits Marled Mystery:


It sort of feels like I haven’t spent all that much time with it since then, but I must have, because here’s where I am now.


This thing is so large! The yellow on the end is the last color, so I just have one more chunk of color to knit and then it’s time to bind off. I clearly went overboard with this project.

Speaking of overboard, like everything else in this family, Mr. Ink is spending some time as my personal landscape artist, sitting in the morning sun doing more landscape planning. I told him to leave me lots of room for more flowers. He said “Yeah yeah” and kept drawing.


I am struggling with a very sore back, and really haven’t managed to accomplish much toward the end of this week. However, the garden has been producing pretty things despite my lack of tending. The purple iris bed is up and running, with light purple irises, and then tall thin dark purple irises behind it.


I am really eager to add a yellow iris into the mix over here, I think it’ll be the perfect contrast. (I am also eager to finish wedding and mulching, but that’s clearly a no go for me this weekend.

In knitting news, I’ve been unable to stop myself from casting on Joji Mystery Wrap. You know what? These mystery knit alongs will be so much less enticing when I don’t just happen to have perfectly appropriate yarn in stash. I guess I’ll have to keep knitting until that happens. In any case, I am using a bunch of my own kettle dyed yarn for the project. I’ll show it off once I’ve got the clue done, probably tomorrow. So, at the moment I have 5 different knitting projects surrounding me, and I seem to be switching back and forth between all of them.

And in spinning? I started a new wheel project to add to my support spindle project. I guess I am having a solid weekend of crafting. Not too bad so far!