Dark and Stormy

We are just getting so much rain the past few days. It’s been dark and dreary. When I woke up this morning it was, again, pouring so hard. It’s pretty cold too, overall. The amount of rain is so heavy in fact, that our small tree limbs are so soaked that they are quite dramatically hanging low. Mr. Ink has begun propping up limbs with bamboo sticks in order to hold everything together.

Mr. Ink started vacation on Friday after work. We started off well, in my opinion, as we had a friend come visit who recently moved to Florida. It was great to see her, and Mr. Ink made her dinner, then made sure she had extra food to take home for the remainder of her visit.

I finished my big waffle shawl, though I haven’t gotten photos yet. And, I finished my spinning.


This is loop cloud fiber colorway amber agate. I have 310 yards of this, and I think it’s just gorgeous.

Miss Butterfly and I have been hanging out all morning, listening to podcasts, and I’ve been cleaning or crafting, as has she. She even made chocolate chip cookies, much to our chagrin, it doesn’t fit our diet at all. But she rarely asks to cook or bake, so we figured she should be able to. We are off to see a movie next, since the rain won’t quit. After today things are looking up, weather wise. I am hoping for a bike ride tomorrow, and then I am truly hoping that we can get that burning bush stump out of the ground. With it as soaked as it is today, it should be at the easiest point. And with minimal rain in the forecast, Mr. Ink will have time to redo that area without me having a mud pit at my garage door.

I guess that’s about it from here today, the rain has us moving very slowly, and I find myself without too much to say!