Big Waffle Shawl

It rained all day yesterday. Cold, miserable rain. In the few moments it wasn’t raining, it was spitting. I got a few weeds pulled here and there between the rain storms, but overall feel like I really did lose an entire day in the yard.

We were supposed to go biking this morning. It’s dry. We could do so. Except that it’s also cold and extremely windy. I went outside with my coffee to take a photo of my cotton slub shawl and then take a tour around the garden. I grabbed the photo, and realized I needed to put the shawl on. As I toured my gardens with my coffee I became more and more sad I wouldn’t be spending the day at home in the yard.

I headed inside where Mr. Ink had been looking up the weather report for the day. He was distressed that it wasn’t about to STOP being extremely windy. So, I called it. I said I’d prefer to stay home and catch up in the yard. So that’s what we are doing. Once it gets warmer, that is.


I am very happy to report that I finished the big waffle shawl. It’s extremely large, with the longest point easily hanging to the ground when I throw it over my shoulder. I wore it yesterday morning when the house was cold and I’d refused to turn on the heat. I caved later on and turned on that heat, no regrets. I wore it this morning to tour the garden. It’s getting quite a bit of use already.

Not all was lost due to rain yesterday. After the movie, I cleaned up my craft room which badly needed it, then moved the bookcase out of Mr. Ink’s “Den of Slack” that needed to go in my craft room so that Mr. Ink could add in some furniture he needs to rearrange. My job in that room is done, now it’s up to him to work on it. I then rearranged some knitting and weaving books and magazines on the bookcase in the craftroom so that the living room bookshelves could look slightly more decorative rather than completely and utterly packed to the point of bursting.

I am hoping to get new furniture in the near future, and then move the chair that’s in front of the living room shelves into Mr. Ink’s Den of Slack. So, making those bookshelves look nice is a priority, as they’ll likely no longer be hidden by an oversize chair.

Of course with all the moving things around the house, I did the deep cleaning as well, when you move furniture, it’s easy to see what you’ve missed! I enjoyed using all the various attachments on my new vacuum cleaner for this purpose. And on that note, I am off. Hopefully to continue to have a productive day and weekend!

2 thoughts on “Big Waffle Shawl

  1. Just stumbled on to your site. I’m sympathizing. My yardwork has been postponed due to rain as well. I’m reorganizing the storage under the stairs and getting caught up on my own blog.

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