Back Breaking

After a full day of this:


We are still left with this:


Blisters are forming on Mr. Ink’s hands and his back is, as usual, a royal mess. We’ve decided he needs two days off from the project. The root system goes all the way under the driveway, and that’s still a sizable chunk left to remove. We tried to use the truck a second time, but nowhere on the remaining stump pieces was a place which wouldn’t break when we tried to pull it. So, we really have been stuck resorting to manual labor. And by we, I mean he. I did wander through that garden digging up more bulbs and weeds while he was on stump removal duty, but in the end, my major job was making sure he was hydrated.

I started yesterday morning with fresh singles.


This is another loop cloud project, the colorway was kimono I believe. I got the plying done yesterday and the drying done overnight.


So now I’ve got another 300 yards of 2 ply. I am actually thinking I need to slow down on my spinning, or do another month of knitting exclusively or something. My fiber stash is disturbingly low at the moment. That being said, I do have lots of dyed fiber and add ins I can create on the drum carder still. But, my fiber cabinet which is typically full to bursting is only half full at the moment.

The third clue came out on the starting point mystery knit so I got started on that last evening. I am not very far in really, downtime was quite limited.

Plan for Mr. Ink’s days off from the stump include the local botanical gardens where a corpse flower is almost in bloom, and mowing. We also should be traveling to a bike ride tomorrow, and that should be an all day social experience. That is, providing it doesn’t rain all day.

That’s it from here, on day 2 of a nice long weekend.

One thought on “Back Breaking

  1. Wow – that beast is in there good and tight! Do you know any strong high school boys who want to earn some money? It might be worth it to pay them instead of mucking about with Mr. Ink’s back!

    The yarn – oh my. It is pretty – and it dried overnight? You are clearly having different weather than we are here in the rain forest.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy all those activities that are more fun than stump removal.

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