This Week, May 29-June 4

Last week’s list:

  • Finish current wheel project
  • Finish clue 2 of mystery stole, start clue 3. (Last week it came out on a Thursday midday,  which is right at the point where I start vacation.)
  • Finish spinning current batt on support spindles and get an additional batt spun
    • Well, I finished the current batt and got halfway through the next, but I focused on the wheel while on vacation.
  • Work on scraping garage door frame, sand and paint if weather and time allows
    • Weather and time allowed, but I didn’t do it. My current excuse is that there are too many large plants waiting to be planted in front of that garage window. It’s true, but I could have moved them.
  • Work on the never ending weeding situation
  • Go on a long bike ride with friends!
    • It was pouring at the start of the ride, and we didn’t go.
  • Renew car registration (Why is this type of simple task always SO difficult to remember to get done?)
  • And just a lot of yard work in general, whatever I can help with in the yard should be pretty exciting.

Yesterday Mr. Ink said that he had to go back to the rock place to get more rocks. I decided to tag along because even though he doesn’t say he needs my help, he says he appreciates it once we get home. We picked out large boulders this time, as well as much smaller filler rocks.


This is where he’d gotten to last evening with placing the rocks. However, late in the evening he came inside and said he’d messed up and needed to start over. So, this is not the final placement of the rocks.

Our across the busy street neighbor who is a lovely little old lady who went to school with the previous owner of the house came across the street to see what Mr. Ink was up to. She really likes Mr. Ink, even though I have never met her. She brings him fresh veggies from her garden, and comes over to talk to him fairly regularly. Since Mr. Ink is the one to work out front, I rarely do, I am sure she tries to figure out what he’s doing, and this project really has been a large and time intensive one. He explained his vision, and her big comment was that it was just wonderful to see someone taking such an interest in their house and yard.

I took on a large project of my own. My iris bed has some sort of ground cover in it that is just absolutely overwhelming. I have not been able to get rid of it, and picking up the small new sprouts was doing nothing to stop it. So, over the past two days I’ve taken out every iris, dug 2 feet down in the bed, yanked out all the offending root systems (as much as I can find anyhow) replaced all the dirt, replanted all the irises, and mulched it all. I had to remove rocks from the little garden rock wall to get at some of the roots. The roots had so entangled themselves with the irises that I had to pick through every iris root and tuber in order to remove the offending roots from them. They would grow through the tuber even! So, I’d break off that part of the tuber and discard it. The bed looks pretty good now, and I am very pleased with the work I did.

I also got quite a lot of spinning done yesterday.


The rest of the grey is done and I am about halfway through the second bobbin of burgundy.

This week:

  • Ply the two skeins of loop cloud yarn
  • Finish clue 3 of the mystery knit, start clue 4
  • Bike ride with friends on Thursday evening? We really gotta get out and socialize.
  • Keep up on the household chores, with the addition of cleaning the outside of the fridge and microwave! (Outdoor work has the fridge looking pretty gross since dirty hands keep coming in for ice and water.)
  • Summer clothing shopping for Miss Butterfly. She needs boots for camp, shorts, and a new bathing suit.

That’s about it, I’ve got quite a lot of other stuff going on and a good portion of next weekend is already shot. So, I am thinking this provides a decent amount of stuff to do, manageable, keeps me on track, but I won’t feel like I cannot get it done.

3 thoughts on “This Week, May 29-June 4

  1. I love seeing your progress each week on your list. And love the color ways your working on- I haven’t used my wheel in… a month? need to start getting on that again.
    Half the time I’m just happy that I’ve made it through all the ‘daily’ chores, let alone the one offs and weekly. So I really admire that you publish this list and your progress.

    • I think that by publishing my list it does two things. Holds me somewhat accountable, even though no one is exactly going to shame me for failure to get something done. And also, it helps me just plain remember what it was I intended to get done at the beginning of the week! So often I want to kick myself for forgetting to do something I completely had time to do!

  2. Mr. Ink’s yard work is going to look amazing – and I bet your iris bed is going to be fabulous next spring as well. 🙂 The spinning – oh! I LOVE that gray. And will you ply it with the pretty burgundy or are they two different yarns?

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