The Grind

I am right back to the grind at work this morning and it’s started out just about as it always does right now. Predictably unpredictable and irritating! I realized at some point that I was feeling full of rage actually, but then remembered that we didn’t have enough breakfast foods in the house this morning for Mr. Ink to get up and make me breakfast as usual. So, I hadn’t eaten yet. I headed out to our little convenience shop, they were severely under stocked due to the holiday, but I was able to find something that would work and the rage portion of the irritating morning dissipated. That being said, I got one of our grants off my plate already this morning, which sets me up nicely over the next few weeks of insanity.

I managed to ply and dry both skeins of loop cloud yarn last evening.


I got 285 yards of this lovely grey. I am seriously completely head over heels for it.

And then this one is fantastic as well.


320 yards in this skein, and it’s so rich and beautiful!

Now that I am back at work I’ve vowed to put away the wheel for a bit, spin on support spindles, and work on some knitting. Though a particularly nice evening might change all that, there’s something about spinning on the patio this time of year when it’s not miserably hot that calls to me and I feel I should take as much advantage as possible.


Mr. Ink? Well, he dug a hole. Please don’t mind those rocks there, they aren’t all the actual retaining wall. Mr. Ink realized he was lacking in a certain size of rock, and the rock place was not open yesterday. So, he decided to dig out the bank instead. Now, he’d sprayed that bank with weed killer early in the season, and he’s decided it was the best decision he’s ever made. Much easier to remove than sod.

Another set of neighbors were over yesterday to take a look at what was going on. They were having a holiday picnic in their yard, and all they could see what that Mr. Ink was standing in a hole. So, they came to check out what he was doing and admire it, despite the fact that it looks like almost nothing at the moment. He sure is getting quite a lot of cheering on for all his hard work. He’s hoping to head to the rock place tonight as we’ve got tonight and tomorrow without rain, then we are in for a storm, which is going to cause an epic mess for this project.

I’ve been working on my joji mystery knit along project, I am almost done with clue 3. I am hoping to be done tonight, if time allows. I am also itching to get something out of handspun cast on, it’s such a struggle to use all commercial yarn even if I did dye some of it myself. I clearly have a preference at this point. I really am also toying with the idea of doing an entire month of knitting again. Maybe June? I guess that’s coming right up!

I do hope everyone had a lovely long weekend, providing it was a long weekend for you!