You know, I am beginning to think that my garden has special garden gnomes that plant lilies just for me. Or somehow makes one lily into two. It’s totally magic!


Last year I planted one yellow lily. I’d gotten it from a plant rescue, and never saw it bloom even though I did know that it would bloom yellow, according to the tag picture. This year? Two yellow lilies. I swear I only planted one. It’s so pretty! I think that I am going to become an avid lily collector.

The lily I had that is tall is this year taller than ever. It’s taller than I am, Mr. Ink made me go stand next to it. It is still a ways off from blooming but I’ll put Miss Butterfly in the photo when it does, so that you can see the perspective. In any case, it certainly didn’t mind being moved last year, or getting scaled in hopes for more tall lilies. I was told that after I removed scales I might not see blooms the next year. But, it’s got buds on the tall stalk.

It’s been a slow weekend, crafting wise. But, I did manage to work my way through clue 4 of the mystery stole. At least one one half.


2 more colors and patterns added. I actually have the purple done on the other half as well, just have to finish up the blue.

Today is yard work day first, with a bunch of mowing right off the bat. Then, I have to go do my least favorite thing, shopping. Miss Butterfly desperately needs some new things. And she needs them before she heads off to camp. So I have decided today is The Day for that chore. I just don’t want to have to keep thinking about it over and over, so I am going to get the chore done so I can cross it off my list and stop spending mental energy and worry on it.

And that’s about it from here. I am having one of those weekends where I wish it were longer. Blame the 5 day weekend last week! I miss it and I want to do it again.