Getting Things Done

After work last evening, I dropped by my favorite local plant shop and picked up herbs and some peppers for my new veggie garden. Then I drove home, had a cup of iced coffee, grabbed Miss Butterfly, and we headed off to get the final two things on her list of stuff we needed to shop for.

Over the weekend we’d purchased a pair of boots for her horseback riding this summer. Unfortunately, once I got them home I realized they weren’t going to work. The other issue was a bathing suit. It is SUPER hard to purchase a suit for her age and we’d already gone to like 4 stores and had absolutely no luck. I hate shopping with a passion, so all I did was get increasingly grumpy about it.

Now, I am the type of person who has one or two cups of coffee in the morning and that is IT. I sleep better that way, and I appreciate my sleep. However, that cup of coffee after work? I think it really kicked me into high gear. We got in the car and headed out, and I felt FAR less grumpy about shopping than I usually do. And we had a successful trip! We had to visit two stores, but we found boots and a suit, AND I was able to return the boots we’d purchased over the weekend that weren’t going to work.

This leaves tonight for me to plant my peppers and herbs! I am so pleased about that project. And, it’s going to be almost 10 degrees cooler tonight than it has been lately. Or so they say. I am, personally, banking on it.

I snapped a photo last evening of the handspun project I began over the weekend.


Unfortunately, this one may now be destined for the frog pond. Two problems. The first being that the yarn is really busy. It’s tweedy in the over the top sense, rather than in the slightly added interest to a solid color yarn sense. So, the gentle lace patterning in the scarf is lost. Also? I read the pattern incorrectly and made a mistake a few rows back without noticing. Know what? With over 300 stitches on the needle, tinking back is really not possible. So, frog pond I think. I really love the pattern and I fully intend to knit it, but in a more appropriate yarn.

As for this wonderfully tweedy yarn? Well, this one needs a pattern that’s SUPER gentle to show off all those amazing bits and bobs in the yarn. It’s back to the drawing board with this one I fear.

So, once I figured that out, I put this project down until I have time to find a different pattern, and I picked up the tibetan clouds stole, since I gave myself the goal of finishing the middle square this week. Got a few rows done on that, but not too much.

I’ve currently got Mr. Ink listening to “A Man Called Ove” on audio book with me. We listen in the evenings as he does his stretching to fix his back after all his digging. You may remember that I’ve talked about how he’s so busy digging lately that he never rests. Well, he was stretching and I was knitting, and I guess I didn’t notice. But, we came to another particularly funny part of the story and I realized he wasn’t laughing. It was a part he absolutely SHOULD have laughed at, so I looked over, and he was fast asleep on the floor. I turned off the book, woke him up, and suggested he head to bed. It was far earlier than usual, so I got less knitting done than I had anticipated as well. But I got sleep, and that’s quite valuable.

Until next time…